Dave and Buster’s Pay Stubs & W2s

Dave & Buster’s Employees: you can now view your pay stubs and Form W-2 online- anytime and anywhere. ADP iPay is an online self-service portal that lets you view and print your pay stubs and other payroll info. Another self-service portal, Tax Form Management, allows you to view and print your W-2s online. This article will give you an overview of the online documents and provide tips when viewing your pay stubs and w2s.

Access Pay Stubs

Use the instructions below to view and print your pay stubs from ADP iPay.
1. Log into ADP iPay (ipay.adp.com) using your user ID and password.
2. If you are a new or rehired employee, you must complete the registration process to access the self-service portal.
3. Click on First Time User? REGISTER NOW. This will show a registration passcode entrance screen.
4. Enter your Dave & Buster’s registration passcode in the Registration code entrance screen. Click Next. Dave & Buster’s ADP iPay registration code is dbmc-online
5. Identify yourself with personal information, including First name, Last name, Employee ID, SSN, or ITIN. And select the captcha box, then click on Continue.
6. Add and verify your contact information, including your email address and phone number.
7. You will see a system-assigned user ID and create a password of your choice.
8. Select and provide answers to three security questions. Click Register Now.
9. Next screen will be displayed a confirmation message. Now select iPayStatements and login system assigned user ID and your password.
10. Once logged in, you will see the main screen organized by tabs. Click on Pay Statements. This will be displayed your most recent pay stubs. Click a date to view your statement. Your pay stubs remain available in this portal for your view for three years.

Access Form W-2
Use the instruction below to view and print your year-end tax statement from the Tax Form Management website.
1. Go to the Tax Form Management website (see REFERENCE)
2. Enter your employer code and click login. Dave & Buster’s employer code is 10168.
3. The following screen will be displayed on the tax form management website home page. Click on “Click Here to Login”
4. Enter your SSN without any dashes and click Continue.
5. Enter your PIN. You will automatically be registered for online W-2 Forms if you are a new employee. Therefore you can use your temporary PIN to enter this system. The first-time user will be prompted to complete the following steps.
6. Complete six risk-based authentication steps, including remembering this computer, security image, security question, adding or updating contact information, review and submitting your data.
7. After completing the risk-based authentication, you will be prompted to change your temporary PIN.
8. Once complete, you must consent to the electronic delivery of your W-2 Form. Click the Go Paperless.
9. Select the checkbox to consent for electronic delivery. Click on Test Now. This will be asked for an email address, postal mailing address, and cell phone number. Click Confirm.
10. If you cannot log in or have questions, contact your payroll office.

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  1. dbs1-ipay does not work as registartion code, please help. i need to access my paystubs
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