Kaiser Permanent Pay Stubs & W2s

Kaiser Permanent Employees: Employees now have access to pay stubs and tax statement online that resides within the Kaiser Permanent payroll system. According to the KP payroll office and website, KP My Pay is a web-based self-service portal that provides employees with information about their payroll. Therefore, it is available to all employees of KP to their pay stubs and W-2 Forms. This is also helpful to employees when they need to provide a copy of their paycheck when applying for loans or need a Form W-2 filing for a personal income tax return. You can also log in to KP My HR for comprehensive HR information and transactions. On the other hand, printed W-2 forms will be postmarked through the US standard mail to the address listed on the HR file no later than 31st January. Therefore, ensure your mailing information is listed on your profile page and pay stub to deliver your W-2 statement properly. If you are no longer employed with KP and have relocated since your termination, you need to contact the KP HR office to update your new mailing address.

Access Pay Stubs
To access your pay stubs, you will use your desktop credentials. This sign-on ID and WSSO password allow you to view your payroll information through the ESS. Ready to access-
1. Go to the My Pay-My Total Compensation Statement website (see REFERENCE). You can use any browser and access this link from anywhere.
2. Sing On with your NUID and WSSO password. WSSO provides a way to sign on to many popular websites at KP using a single password and NUID.
3. If you are newly hired and do not activate your WSSO account, you must activate your account in the following way-
4. Go to web singled sing on (WSSO) portal (see REFERENCE)
5. Click on Active your account. There are three steps to activate the account.
6. In the first steps- enter your national user ID and click on Continue. If you don’t know your NUID, click on Lookup your NUID. The next screen will be asked your First Name, Last Name, DOB, last four digits of SSN, and captcha test, and click submit. Your NUID will be displayed on the next screen.
7. In the 2nd step- Enter the last four digits of your SSN and click on Continue.
8. Create your password and select plus provide the answer to six security questions in the 3rd step. Click on Continue.
9. A confirmation message will be displayed on the next screen. Click on Proceed to complete the account activation process.
10. Now, you access your account with your NUID and WSSO password.

Access Form W-2
To access your Form W-2s, you will use your desktop credentials. This sign-on ID and password allow you to view your Form W-2 through the ESS. The following directions help access your W-2 account-
1. Go to the KP W-2 web portal (see REFERENCE)
2. Sign on using your NUID and WSSO password.
3. There is a consent option for W-2 electronic delivery.
4. Once consented, you can view your W-2 online.
5. Have any questions, call the KP national help desk for assistance at 1-888457-4872.

KP My Pay
KP W-2

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