AutoZone Pay Stubs & W2s

AZPeople self-service is the system employees use to manage several components of their AutoZone employment. Employee stock purchase- all eligible employees may purchase AutoZone’s common stock at 85% of the lower market value. According to the employee stock purchase plan, you can buy up to $ 15,000 per year or 10% of compensation. Personal information- you can change your personal information, including your contact number and address, in your AutoZone HR system through AZPeople. Payroll and compensation- access your payroll (pay stubs) and compensation benefits. View and print your paycheck, year-end tax statement, or Form W-2, and Request for W-2 correction if needed.

How to Log into AZPeople Self-service Account
All AutoZoners are enrolled in the AZPeople self-service system by the Human Resource administrator using your personal information filed in the HR office. On each use of AZPeople, you will need to log in. You must use your Employee ID and IGNITIONl password the first time you log in. The steps for accessing your account are described below-
1. Log onto AZPeople self-service.
If you are a current employee, go to
If you are a former employee, go to and use (AutoZone-MyADP) as a registration passcode.
2. Use your Employee ID number and IGNITION password. If you are new to this system, you must activate your account using IGNITION password self-service.
3. Go to IGNITION password self-service (see REFERENCE). Enter your employee ID, last name, and secret code, and click on Activate. [Your code is the last four digits of SSN+ of birth. For example, if your last four digits of SSN are 1234, and your birth year is 1988, then-secret the code is 12341988].
4. Create a new password.
5. Set up a few security questions. If you have any questions regarding active your account or ignition password, call at 1-800-435-7871
6. Once you complete the activation process and create the IGNITION password of your account, go to AZPepole and log in with your Employee ID plus the IGNITION password.
7. Once logged into the AZPeople system- Click on Payroll and Compensation under the Self Service tab of the main menu.
8. To view your paycheck statement, click View Paycheck under Payroll and Compensation. You will see a list of paychecks arrange by date. Download your desired salary and use your last four digits of SSN to open the PDF file.
9. To view your Form W-2- click on View W-2/W-2c Forms under Payroll and Compensation. Form W-2 is also password protected pdf file. Use your last four digits of SSN to view the pdf file.

AZPeople (Current AutoZoners) (former employee)
IGNITION password self-service

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