Spirit Halloween Pay Stubs & W2s

Spirit Halloween/Spencer’s Employees: Spencer’s partners with ADP and offer its employees free access to pay stubs and Form W-2s online. To receive your pay stubs and Form W-2 online, you must complete a registration process for the first time. Both pay stubs and Form W-2 will be displayed using ADP. If you want to receive your W-2 electronically, you must consent to receive the W-2 forms online. Once consent is given, your Form W-2 will be available to view and print at the ADP iPay portal and doesn’t require repeated approval each year. Suppose you have not consented to electronic delivery. In that case, a printed W-2 form will be mailed out through the postal service to your home address listed on the payroll record on or before January 31. To avoid mail delays, register at ADP and choose the Go Paperless option to receive your Form W-2 electronically.

Access ADP iPay

1. ADP iPay can be accessed from any computer by using the following web address- https://my.adp.com
2. Enter your login information in the user name password entrance box. Click Login.
3. New to this system, click on the “Register Now” button. Registration is a one-time process; you will be asked the following steps upon registering.
4. Enter your registration passcode in the Registration code entrance screen. Click Next. Your Registration code = Spencerllc-ipay
5. Identify yourself with personal information, including First name, Last name, Employee ID, SSN, or ITIN. And select the captcha box, then click on Continue. Identify yourself to ensure that only those individuals who are authorized to access the account may do so. If you enter invalid information, the system will show that “We could not find you.”
6. Add and verify your contact information, including your email address and phone number.
7. You will then see a system-assigned user ID which the first initial and last name @spencerllc. Create a password.
8. Select and provide answers to three security questions. Click Register Now.
9. Once logged in, you will see the main screen organized by tabs. Select the tab you wish to view.
10. To setting Go Paperless, click on Setting under profile.
11. Select the Receive Paperless Statement slider and select the checkbox Receive Paperless Annual Tax Statements consent. Click on I Agree.
12. Verify your email address and click on Finish.
13. Need help? Call the home office at 609-645-3300 or email at payroll@spencergifts.com

ADP iPay

10 thoughts on “Spirit Halloween Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. Trying to find the website for spirit halloween in Adrian Michigan. I forgot the website. I already made an account. I need to check my check stubs.

  2. Good morning! I cannot get into register to get my W2s. Is it possible that you could just send my W2s to me. My address is: Natalie Fisher 1605 5th Street East Saint Paul, MN 55106. I would prefer to have my paper W2s. My ID number is; 3180289. I hope that all is well! Thank you! Natalie Fisher

  3. My daughter worked one day last year & was never paid for it, yet we received a W-2 & filed it. How do I actually go about getting her payment?

  4. I received a new payroll card wisely but I am unable to access my payroll information and I was not paid so I need to know how to enter my account # and routing # in order to get paid.

  5. We never received my daughters W2s from this past year (2023). If possible can they be mailed to us asap. I’m hoping to file her taxes in the next week or two.

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