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Murphy USA Employees; Murphy provides web-based access for all employees working in the USA to view and manage employment documents. Accessing employment documents online is simple and convenient. All USA employees can view their pay statement, tax statement, and direct deposit information through the web-based application called Ultipro without an appointment with the payroll office. The facilities are available only for current employees. If you are a former employee, you need to contact the payroll office at or call 1.844.889.9869. This article provides information on accessing your pay stubs and W2s online from the Ultipro web portal. If you have any questions regarding your pay stubs and W-2s, please do not leave this page without comment.

Access Ultipro

Using a secure web connection, you can log in and account for your Ultipro account. Use the following link to access the Ultipro login for Murphy USA.

All employees are already registered in the Ultipro system. So you need to log in. If you forgot your password, you could use your username and MurphyUSA as an access code to reset your password.

Therefore, log in with your username and password. If you are new to the Ultipro system, use the following username and password.

 User Name: Register ID plus MUSA. For example, if your register ID is 5061298, then your user name is 5061298MUSA.

Default Password: your date of birth in this format- MMDDYYYY; for example, if your date of birth is 06 Feb 1980, then the default password is 02061980.

Change Default Password: After logging into the system, you will be prompted to change your password. To change your password, enter the current password and then the new one of your choice, but the new one cannot be the same as your previous one. Click on Ok.

Challenge Questions: You will be asked to select and provide an answer to the three security questions. The security question will be used to verify your identity when you request to reset your password. Click on Continue.

Account Dashboard: After clicking on Continue, you will be on the account dashboard.

View Pay Statements: Click on Current Pay Statements under the MYSELF menu to view your current pay statements. This will be shown in the recent pay statements. If you are looking for historical pay statements, click on Pay History under the MYSELF menu. Click on the Print button, select a print format, and click on the Finish button. This will be displayed in your pay statement in a new window. You can click on the Print button from the top of the right-hand side and select your printer to print it out.

View W2 statements: To view your W2 statements, click W-2 under the MYSELF menu and select a tax year. This will be displayed as the tax statement for the selected year. Click on the Print button, select a print format, and click on the Finish button; this will show your tax statement in a new window. You can click on the Print button from the top of the right-hand side and select your printer to print it out. For additional support, contact your HR representative at 1.844.889.9869.


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30 thoughts on “Murphy USA Pay stubs & W2

  1. I had my w2 sent to my old store to be printed out but I no longer work there. Is there anyway it can be sent to my house. Thank you

  2. I need my W-2 Paystub and that email isn’t working because it’s saying I no longer work with the company– which is true.

    How do I get my W2?

  3. Hello, I am a new employee at Murphy USA and recently had my paycheck directly deposited into a debit card. I haven’t received that card yet and need help accessing my paycheck money.

  4. I no longer work at my old store and moved to Florida and I need to get my w2 but I can’t remember any of my login info)

  5. I would like information on how to get my W2 because I no longer work at Murphy’s USA & not sure if mailing address is correct

  6. I need my W-2. I no longer work here. Don’t remember my login info.. I got a W-2. But it says no fed paid in.

  7. For 1-2 weeks I’ve been getting an email saying my w2s were ready on turbo tax but every time I log on, there is nothing but the company name and address, so now it’s the 31st and its still not there yet! Can some one explain what’s going on?

  8. I called payroll yesterday about not being able to access my pay stubs. I was told that the site was being maintenanced and would be done by the end of the day yesterday and I would be able to see and print them then. They also informed me there is no other way for me to get one of my pay stubs. I was lied to obviously, because I still can’t access my pay stubs on ulitpro and i can’t get them anywhere else and if I can’t get last week’s pay stubs today my 2 children with special needs will lose their insurance. This is crap and I need a resolution not lies and excuses.

  9. I am a former Murphy employee and have not received my W2. It’s already March 31, 2019. Can’t access portal and don’t live in the same town I worked in. Now what? I don’t even have HR phone number. I was terminated 11/2019 after I fell at work and broke my wrist. Workmans Comp issues. Help, please.

  10. So when terminated before in 2019 I had access to ultipro my old manager has used SSO and changed my passwords and account info to where I can no longer log in I am required to ELECTRONICALLY SUBMIT MY PAYSTUBS TO SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION it is required I have access to ulti to do so how do I fix this?

  11. I am a previous employee at Murphy USA and it will not allow me to log in with my ID number previously used. It also says that my email or password is incorrect. Please send me a password reset in order for me to access the database.

  12. I NO Longer Work For This Company But I Need all my paystubs while i worked there for my local dhs office and i need these asap

  13. I haven’t received my w2’s yet. I’m a former in employee. My id # 5239851. I was fired because I had a stroke at work I went back to work with restrictions and the agreed tothevrestrictions, letting me go back work, got sick and placed in the hospital I got out of the hospital went back to work, I got sick again with plurisy put back in the hospitali was in there for 4 days I called Kendra and told her,I asked her to place me back on ADA she told me that DM had to request it. She then said I had to take a fitness test before I came to work. I took the papers to both my primary Dr. She said she has never seen or heard of having a fitness test she told me she wasn’t filling it out to take to my neurologist and my pulmonologist. I took it my neurologist and she filled them and she put basically the same thing she put on my papers for me to go to work after my stroke I had. She then called me that’s I was terminated for a hardship I put on the company. I don’t think that was right, just because I became disabled.

  14. I worked for four weeks got my paper check and can’t cash it because of a false signature Murphy USA put on it so I need my check now it’s been two days and they are trying to fire me because I have no way to work

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