Morgan Stanley Pay Stubs & W2s

Morgan Stanley Pay Stubs & W2s

Morgan Stanley is a multinational investment bank in the Financial Services industry based in America, providing services following their five core values in 42 countries worldwide with 60k efficient employees. They have maintained their reputation for over 75 years, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion by leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right things, and putting the clients first. This international financial services firm is committed to constructing and maintaining a secure platform following updated technology. According to total revenue in 2018, it has ranked 67 in the Fortune 500 list.

ADP Payroll Portal

I hope you are an employee of Morgan Stanley and visit here for the pertinent information about ADP Payroll Portal, as your company provides payroll-related documents through this portal. Well, you will be given your company payroll-related documents, like Pay Stubs, W2 Statements, etc., through this portal. So, I have arranged this complete guide for all of you, and please follow this guide very carefully from beginning to end.

  • Benefits of ADP Payroll

You can be benefitted in many ways by using the ADP Payroll Portal. I am providing here just a few points.

  • Pay Stub: You can view, download, and print your pay stubs from this portal anytime or anywhere. All of your pay stubs will be available here for three years.
  • W2 Statements: Normally, all companies provide W2 Statements by 31st January, and employees can receive them within 5 to 6 days when it is distributed as hard copy via postal mail. But you can have your W2 Statement instantly through this portal.
  • You can update your information on W-4 tax at any time, whenever needed.
  • You are also able to make changes to the setting of direct deposit.
  • Registration Process:

When you are a first-time user of this portal, you must complete the registration process first. The following steps are provided to make this process easy for you.

  • Go to the ADP Portal using this URL:
  • You will be able to see an option as ‘CREATE ACCOUNT.’ Click on it and start the registration process.
  • You can start the registration process in two ways providing your organization code and Verifying your identity via email/phone number. If you know your organization code, click on ‘I Have a Registration Code’; otherwise, continue with the ‘Find me’ option.
  • Now verify your identity and provide accurate information if the system asks. Then continue to the next step, clicking on the ‘CONTINUE’ option.
  • Now, you will be prompted to provide your primary contact information. After providing correctly, click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Finally, you have to create your User ID and a strong password.
  • How to Login?

After completing the registration process, you can log in to the portal anytime through an internet-connected device or using ADP Mobile App. Here you have to provide your User ID and Password that you created during the registration process.

View Pay Stubs

Your pay stubs are available under the ‘Myself’ option. After clicking the ‘Myself’ option, you have to select the ‘Pay’ option and then click on the ‘Pay Statements.’ You can view and print any individual pay stubs by clicking on them here.

View W2 Statements

Your W2 Statement is also available under the ‘Myself’ option. Clicking on the ‘Myself’ option from the main menu bar, go to the ‘Pay’ option, and then click on the ‘Annual Statements’ from the drop-down menu. Finally, you can view and print your 2020 W2 statement from the W2 column by clicking ‘2020’.

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  1. I am trying to print my W-2 for 2020. Following the log on procedure I am directed to a page labeled Tax Statements and a statement of “Come back here to see your tax information”. Will this page be updated for access to W-2s? Instructions also mention going to Myself on the menu bar. I don’t see a menu bar.
    Thank you

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