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Jersey Mike’s runs its business following a simple concept of providing the customers with the best quality sub sandwiches after preparing in front of them using fresh ingredients. A great culture of giving and making a difference in the customer’s lives is created, and a great bonding in the community. The company’s business model offers a smooth lifestyle and supports each other like a family in the community. It has almost 1600 stores in different locations in the United States and three other places Queensland, Australia, and Canada. It has been provided authentic subs with the same recipes from the beginning in 1956. According to the annual report in 2014 by Technomic, it has ranked among the top five fastest-growing restaurant chains. Besides, Jersey Mike’s has been addressed as ‘Fastest Growing Franchise’ by Nation’s Restaurant News and ‘Smartest Growing Franchise’ by Franchise Times.  In point of fact, every market where this franchise enters has won the best sub-awards.


This article aims to provide accurate information about payday and payroll systems and proper instructions to access the ADP payroll portal.

PayDay & Payroll

Typically, Jersey Mike’s payday is Monday, and it is better to check regularly for accuracy. Only you are allowed for your paycheck to pick up and sign in. Your paychecks include earned wages and gratuities in a certain period. Jersey Mike deducts a particular portion of your salary for federal, state, and social security taxes following government regulations.

Accessing to ADP

You can access the ADP Self-Service portal in two different ways where one way is single sign-on using your work computer, and the other way is using any internet-connected device from anywhere. Now I am describing proper instructions and information for accessing the ADP payroll portal in a second way.

Registration Process

To access the ADP payroll portal the second way, you must have to complete the registration process first. And then, you can sign in using your username and password.

So, please follow the following steps carefully,

Step-1: Using any internet-connected device, go to the My ADP website using, and you will see a webpage like this and click on the ‘Create Account’ link.

Step-2: You can complete this process with your organization registration code and email/mobile or identity verification. You have to select the ‘I Have a Registration Code’ or ‘Find me’ option.

Step-3: Now provide all the required information as the First name, Last name, Date of birth, and government-issued legal ids such as SSN, EIN, ITIN, or Employee ID/ Associate ID to verify your identity and click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step-4: You must verify your identity through your mobile phone or email address and provide the verification code sent to your mobile phone number or email address. Then click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step-5: After verifying your identity, provide your primary contact information to send notifications and different security purposes. Then click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step-6: Set up your User ID and a strong Password to complete this registration process.

From now, you can sign in to this portal using your User ID and Password directly.

Download and View your Documents

You can download your 2020 W2 Statements by clicking the ‘Myself’ option from the main menu bar and then clicking the ‘Pay’ option. A drop-down menu is available, and click ‘Annual Statements’ from the drop-down menu. Finally, click ‘2020’ from the W2 column and complete the download.

You can also download and view your old pay stubs by clicking ‘Myself’ >> ‘Pay’ >> ‘Pay Statements’ and finally clicking on your desired pay stub.

ADP Mobile App

Nowadays, you can be connected with your information regularly on the ADP Payroll Portal through the ADP Mobile App from anywhere and can view your recent pay stubs and other details as well as other opportunities for reviewing your benefits elections, completing open enrollment, etc.


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  1. . My phone number is not the same as what it was when I was employed . I’m unable to verify my phone number when promoted to get the verification code via text. What do I need to do to get access to my W2’s so I can file my taxes?

  2. . My phone number is not the same as what it was when I was employed . I’m unable to verify my phone number when prompted to get the verification code via text. What do I need to do to get access to my W2’s so I can file my taxes?

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