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Welcome to My Pay Login Information Portal. This article will discuss how Mondelez International distributes pay stubs and tax forms (w2) to its US employees. Mondelez International runs in more than 150 countries. If you are an employee of a country or location other than the United States and would like to access your payment information, don’t hesitate to contact the Benefits Center without following this article. This article is intended exclusively for US employees of Mondelez International.

To begin with, Mondelez International uses the Ultipro Self-Service Portal to distribute pay stubs and tax forms to its US employees. So if you are proficient in using Ultipro Self-Service Portal, log in directly using the Ultipro link used in the RESOURCE. Alternatively, if you are a newly hired employee, please read the following carefully and complete the tasks accordingly.

First of all, salaried and hourly sales staff working at Mondelez International anywhere in the US, except for hourly workers in the Portland and Richmond area, will receive payments on a bi-weekly basis. And the day of receipt of payment is every other Friday. However, Hourly workers in the Portland and Richmond areas accept payments weekly, and their payday is Thursday. The payday for all other Hourly workers is every Friday.

How to access your Pay stubs and W-2 forms from Ultipro?

The Ultipro Self-Service Portal allows you to access your pay statement (with history), Direct Deposit Information (you can add or remove bank accounts at any time), Income Tax (w-4), and W-2 forms. These benefits only apply to current employees; if you are a former employee, don’t hesitate to contact the People Experience Team. To access, follow the following tasks:

  • Click on the MyPayMDLZ link to access the Ultipro Self-Service Portal from your office computer. Use the MyHRPay option to access the Ultipro Self-Service Portal from a personal computer. Or browse directly to
  • If you want to access it from a mobile device, install the Ultipro app on your smartphone. The Ultipro app is available in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone.
  • Login – Use your LAN ID and password to log in. For any LAN ID and password problem, you can call the IT Help Desk – (1-800-633-2510).
  • Once the login is complete, you will find the options you need in the Myself menu. The Myself menu includes the Pay option, including a pay statement (with history), Direct Deposit, Income Tax, and W-2 options.
  • Click on the “Current Pay Statement” option to view the pay stub. This will display your latest pay stub, and you will be able to print it. Use the Pay History option to access the previous pay stubs.
  • Similarly, if you wish to access the tax form, use the W-2 option. You can print the desired tax form by selecting the year of tax form delivery or importing it directly to the tax return submission website Turbotax.

Hopefully, the information has helped you. If it helps, go with the feedback in the comment box.


5 thoughts on “Mondelez International Pay stubs & W2

  1. I need to obtain my W2 from former employment with mondelez could you please point me in the right direction?
    Michelle Lynn Guerin
    1761 Bolleana Avenue
    Richland WA 99352

    Thank you so much, Michelle Guerin

  2. I am a former employee at Modelez International in Chicago, i never received my W2 and i need a copy to complete my 2021 tax season. employment dates 4/21 to 10/2021
    phone# 678-521-0385,
    Kenio D johnson

  3. My name is Kenio D. Johnson i am a former employee at Mondelez International/ chicago plant.
    i need a copy of my 2021 W2. employment period was from 4/21 to 10/21. my address as changed
    my new address is 3081 Moser Way marietta, georgia 30016 i can be reached at 678-521-0385.

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