Mcdonald’s Pay Stubs & W2s (SCOTT FAMILY MCDONALD’S)

People usually fulfill their immediate or daily needs for food and rest in hotel restaurants. Although it may not be like your home, it feels more like home, thanks to various modern amenities. In Midwestern Ohio, the Scott Family McDonald’s, a local and family-owned franchise, owns and operates fifteen famous McDonald’s restaurants we all know and love. Anyone who believes in service in a proud and caring way, putting the community’s people first, can take the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills at this franchise. Here one must be dependable with a generous spirit to advance to the future by enriching the career that can honor himself by being a solution with authenticity. Everyone who joins with a commitment to outstanding food service with cleanliness while maintaining quality gets instant pay access up to 50% after every shift. Easily adaptable to anyone’s lifestyle and responsibilities, this job offers a variety of post-joining benefits that can be managed through access to the MinuteMen HR Employee Self-Service Portal. Timely access to Pay Stubs and W2 Statements in detail is also available on the mentioned portal.

How do you access your pay stubs and W2 forms if you work at Scott Family McDonald’s, one of the McDonald’s franchisees?

MinuteMen HR Employee Self-Service Portal is one of America’s largest independently owned employee management services providers with a long history of flexibly and cost-effectively providing payroll information access to various companies’ workforces. Scott Family McDonald’s employees have real-time access to a full range of payroll and tax information, including Pay Stubs and W2 Statements across any date range. All MinuteMen HR account holders of Scott Family McDonald’s employees must log in to the portal with their User Name and Password to access and print out Pay Stubs or W2s. Those who do not have an account or new users wait until they get the first Pay Stub manually to register on the portal.

  • By using this ( link to reach the login page of the portal, three tabs, “Secure User Login,” New User Registration,” and “Forgot Password,” will be available. Account holders can log in by inputting their credentials in the Secure User Login tab and clicking the “Sign In” button. To register new users, navigate to the “New User Registration” tab and provide all the information correctly in both the “Setup Your Credentials” and “Provide Pay Information” fields. At the time of registration, the Login Name or User Name will be constructed using the capitalized first letter of the user’s first name, followed by their last name with the initial letter capitalized, and ending with the last four digits of their Social Security Number. And the password will be the last six digits of the Social Security Number. In the case of Pay Information, provide the Check Number and Current Total Earnings according to the first pay stub you received, Scott Family McDonald’s Company Code, and your Full SSN. Then click the “Register Me” button, follow the next one-time instructions in the MinuteMen HR system, and complete the registration process to access the MinuteMen HR Home.
  • Explore Pay Stubs and W2s in the “Your Info” section after reaching MinuteMen HR Home successfully. Click the date from the Checks column for Pay Stubs and “W2” next to the specific year for W2 Statements. Also, explore other important information about your employment at Scott Family McDonald’s in the Resources, Time Off, Benefits, and Messages section.
  • If you forget your MinuteMen HR password, please identify yourself by submitting your User Name in the “Forgot Password” tab of the portal login page. Then recover your password by following the MinuteMen HR system’s following instructions.

Disclaimer: The McDonald’s and McDonald’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the McDonald’s Corporation. The Scott Family McDonald’s is the registered trademark of the Scott Family McDonald’s Company.

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