Mcdonald’s Pay Stubs & W2s (Kansas McDonalds)

Employees are the main driving force of any organization. The increase in productivity of employees depends on the HR department, the working environment of employees, wages or salary, and workplace safety. Workplace safety is an important issue for an organization and its employees. Therefore, keeping the organization’s primary goal in mind, creating a working environment for the employees, paying their dues on time, and providing job security is an essential task of the HR department. And if the features are added to the payroll software, it will ensure a safe work environment and mental comfort for the employees. Kansas McDonald’s is always committed to making employees feel respected, secure, and included. Moreover, there is a provision for an Employee Tip Form to send directly to human resources having any concerns in the mind of the employees. Most importantly, all Kansas McDonald’s employees have an Apple and Android compatible “HCMToGo Mobile App,” an HR management tool for immediate access to HR information, including Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. It is an online self-service resource with a web version also available.

How do you access your pay stubs and W2 forms if you work at Kansas McDonald’s, one of the McDonald’s franchisees?

  • Kansas McDonald’s online self-service portal, designed to provide full engagement with 24/7 uninterrupted access to HR information for all employees, is unparalleled in providing services related to effectively processing payroll data. All employees under Kansas McDonald’s can easily access HR information using the HCMToGo Mobile App, but different companies have different access links when accessing through computer devices. The access link for Dobski & Associates is (, MT Dobski ( and KD Family ( If you’re a member of Dobski & Associates or MT Dobski, simply use your Username and Password to log in via the provided link. However, if you’re with KD Family, you must first enter the Company’s Short Name in the designated input field. Company Short Name is a unique identification number the company administrator should give you. On the other hand, while accessing through HCMToGo Mobile App, everyone must provide the Company’s Short Name, Username, and Password after selecting the perspective Region. Computer device users will log in by clicking the “Login” button. In addition to tapping on the “Login” button, mobile app users can also log in through registered finger or face scanning by tapping on “Touch to Login” if biometric login (Touch ID or Face ID) is enabled.
  • Those trying to access the HCMToGo Mobile App or web portal for the first time will use the default Username and Default Password you have received through your company administrator. If the initial login is successful, follow the instructions to change your default password and create a new strong password. You will then be automatically navigated to the “Configure Virtual Code Settings” page, where you must set up text, phone call, or email options to verify your identity. Enter the phone number or email you choose during setup, receive the code, and click the “Continue” button after entering it.
  • After reaching the home page through the web portal or mobile app, navigate to My Pay and W2 by exploring the menu and widgets. Then find your electronic Pay Stubs, W2 Statements, Pay History, upcoming pay date, etc. By clicking on your electronic Pay Stubs and W2 Statements link, it can be opened in PDF format on another page and downloaded or saved by printing. After first login, review or update Direct Deposit as a one-time setup, complete the e-signature agreement in My Pay, and provide E-Consent on W2.

Disclaimer: The McDonald’s and McDonald’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the McDonald’s Corporation. The Kansas McDonalds is the registered trademark of the Kansas McDonalds Franchisee Company.

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