Mcdonald’s Pay Stubs & W2s (Johnson Partners Inc.)

In today’s world, hotel restaurants are people’s alternative second home outside their homes. It can be called a mobilized, urbanized, social meeting place. The big companies in the American hotel restaurant industry have reached more customers through various franchises. Franchisees are also benefiting themselves by boosting the restaurant business. Johnson Partners is a locally owned franchise of McDonald’s based in North Alabama. This Johnson Partners franchisee owns 22 McDonald’s restaurants and has served quality food through employees with previous restaurant experience for over four decades. And for its employees, in keeping with modern times, it offers various excellent benefits, including on-the-job training and competitive salaries. In addition, Proliant is using the ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal to provide employees with online access to Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. Because currently, there is no alternative to the online portal for HR and Payroll data management of employees of any company. And in this case, Johnson Partners found the Proliant ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal to be the right fit for its workforce. Additionally, all employees can instantly access their daily pay by enrolling in “ReadyPay Today” without waiting for a Pay Stub on payday.

How do you access your pay stubs and W2 forms if you work at Johnson Partners, one of the McDonald’s franchisees?

The Proliant ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal is an easily accessible cloud-based self-service platform for any size workforce to accelerate any company’s business efficiently. The portal is developed with end-users’ ease of use in mind, which enables easy management of all types of HR and Payroll data with less manual effort. You can enjoy all the features of the Proliant ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal more easily by installing Proliant Mobile App on your smartphone. If you’re already a ReadyPay Online account, simply log in with your credentials. If not, follow the steps below to set up your account.

  • First, visit this link ( to reach the Proliant ReadyPay Online main page. As an employee of Johnson Partners, you click on “Employee” from the two options of Account Type available here. You have reached the employee login page and can log in directly with your account details (Username and Password). Since you don’t have an account, click the “Create Account” link below the login panel. Then read the Privacy Policy carefully, acknowledge by clicking the checkbox, and start the registration process by clicking the “Next” button. Enter your Company ID, Last Name, Full SSN (Social Security Number), Zip Code (first five digits), etc., on the “Create Account” page and click on the “Next” button. Then provide your email address as contact information in your ReadyPay Online profile and create Username and Password as login credentials. Make sure to input the Password twice, and finally, complete your ReadyPay Online account by clicking on the “Register” button. Now login to your employment profile from the employee login page of Proliant ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal.
  • After successfully logging in and reaching the Proliant ReadyPay Online Self-Service Portal dashboard, it’s your turn to access Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. After clicking on the “Employee” module from the main menu bar, the expanded tabs include the “Payroll Data” and “Pay History” tabs that contain all your information and documents. By navigating to the “Payroll Data” tab, you will get all the data of your current paycheck or Pay Stub calculation, including your Earnings, Pay Rates, Pay Period, Tax deductions, etc. Navigate to the “Pay History” tab to access your paycheck history or all previous Pay Stubs and W2 Statements and download the PDF version.

Disclaimer: The McDonald’s and McDonald’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the McDonald’s Corporation. The Johnson Partners is the registered trademark of Johnson Partners, Inc.

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