Mcdonald’s Pay Stubs & W2s (Lewis Family McDonald’s)

The use of technology has taken the payroll processing system to an extraordinary level. Companies should make smart decisions now to facilitate global compliance. In this regard, cloud-based online payroll processing portals are a unique medium for individuals and companies to reach their full potential. Lewis Family McDonald’s has dramatically accelerated the work of its human resources department with the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal by doing less in a more innovative way. As a result, Lewis Family McDonald’s employees can access their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements online at home or in any free time in a self-service process, avoiding the hassle of standing in long lines at specific departments or offices. Established in 1987, this franchise of McDonald’s employs more than twelve hundred employees in nineteen restaurants located in different locations. They also can access all employment-related information and benefits from home in this ADP Employee Self-Service Portal. As it will save valuable time for the employees, it will also reduce the company’s costs. Lewis Family McDonald’s employees, please read the article carefully from start to finish, and you can easily access your ADP Employee Self-Service Portal online account.

How do you access your pay stubs and W2 forms if you work at Lewis Family McDonald’s, one of the McDonald’s franchisees?

The ADP Employee Self-Service Portal’s system allows all Lewis Family McDonald’s employees to view, download and print their Pay Statement and W2 forms in a secure environment. To access the portal for the required information and documents, you need to first register for an ADP account and then consistently use the same Username and Password for subsequent logins. I am discussing the registration process on the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal for all new Lewis Family McDonald’s employees, which I hope old employees will also benefit by following.

  • Check the email address you provided on file with the employer when you joined Lewis Family McDonald’s and collect your “Personal Registration Code” from the email sent from ADP. At the same time, visit the ADP sign-in page link ( or in that mail by clicking on it. Snap-on the “Create account” link and enter your “Personal Registration Code” under the “I have a registration code” section on the “Self-Service Registration” page. Then click on “Enter Information” and provide your name, SSN or Employee ID, birth month, day, and year in the “Identity Info” step. Also, verify your identity through your phone number or identity question. In the “Contact Info” step, provide your email and phone number to which you will be sent the necessary notifications and identity confirmation code while recovering credentials.
  • After reaching the “Create Account” step, you will be shown your User ID and instructed to create your Password. Complete ADP Self-Service Registration by accepting the terms and conditions after creating your Password between eight to sixty-four characters consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters. Once you see the “Account created!” notification, you can log in using your User ID and Password by selecting the “MyADP” option. Finally, you can access, download, and print your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements by exploring the “Pay” menu from the ADP Dashboard.
  • If you want to enjoy these facilities through your smartphone, install the ADP Mobile App, complete the registration, and log in the same way. If you have not received any mail or “Personal Registration Code” from ADP, please get in touch with this email address ( If your ADP account is locked out, please get in touch with this ( email address.

Disclaimer: The McDonald’s and McDonald’s logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the McDonald’s Corporation. The Lewis Family McDonald’s is the registered trademark of Speedy Arches, Ltd.

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