Marco’s Pizza Pay Stubs & W2s

The American people love and trust a few pizza brands, and Marco’s Pizza is one of them. This Marco’s Pizza restaurant chain and the interstate franchise were started in Oregon, Ohio, by Italian migrant Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco. Nowadays, it is one of the fastest-growing chain restaurant pizza companies. They have succeeded rapidly by providing genuine Italian quality pizza with fresh ingredients. They operate their business from the headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, with over 1000 stores in 34 states, including Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and India. According to recent time, you will be surprised to see Marco’s Pizza’s current rankings as it has ranked second in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2020 “Franchise 500”, sixth in Restaurant Business 2020 “Top 500 Chains” and taken place on QSR’s prestigious 2020 “Top 50 Chains” list. According to Forbes Magazine, the company is ranked fourth in the “Best Franchises to Buy” Small/Medium Investment category.

Marco’s Pizza Pay Stubs & W2s

As a franchise-based company, Marco’s Pizza has many franchisees who provide pay stubs and W2 statements through their own or different third-party payroll systems. So it is not possible to discuss all of them in a single article, but you will find the correct information about the most prominent franchise here.

Highland Ventures, Ltd

Suppose you are an employee of Marco’s Pizza Company. In that case, you know that Highland Ventures, Ltd., under the Business Services sector industry based in Springfield, IL of the United States, is the biggest franchise of Marco’s Pizza. This franchise has grown up quickly (with more than 150 stores until now in 19 different states and working to reach the landmark of 200+) after becoming a partner of Marco’s Pizza Company in 2012. I have tried to present an overview of the Highland Ventures, Ltd. franchise.

I hope you all know that this franchise provides payroll-related documents via ADP payroll services. Now, I am presenting the proper way of enjoying this service.

  • First, navigate to the iPay login page via and click on the ‘Register Now button.
  • Then click on the ‘I Have A Registration Code’ option and click ‘Continue,’ providing the Registration Code: FAMVID-1. This code is the same for all, and be cautious that this code is case-sensitive.
  • Now provide all the required information correctly as First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Social Security number or EIN or ITIN, and birth date. Then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • If you face any problem in this step, contact this number 847/904-9060. If you can see your User ID on the screen and the system prompts you to log in, you previously had an account on this portal. You can recover from here if you forget or don’t know your password.
  • If everything is ok, it will prompt you to provide a valid email and phone number as your contact information and then click ‘Continue’ after providing contact information. You can verify your contact information or skip this step by clicking ‘Skip this Step’ and creating a User ID and Password. Then click the ‘Create your Account option.
  • Now the system will prompt you to answer three security questions for use while verifying your identity. And finally, click the ‘Continue’ button to complete the account-creating process.

N.B. Please activate your account when asked and if you don’t know your employee id, then contact us through this email:

More than 1000 franchises are already growing a new franchise every three days, and many franchises are privately owned. Privately owned company employees must contact the manager or employer to receive the payroll-related documents. You can comment here to get solutions. Where we are ready to help you by contacting your manager.

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  1. I have lost my W2 for the time I worked at Marcos Pizza in 2021. Can you please send a duplicate?

      1. Hell I’m trying to get employment record proud I work for them so I
        Can get $4000 dollars from my unemployment

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