Little Caesars Pay Stubs & W2s

Little Caesars and its Franchise Associates: Little Caesars and its Franchise use the Paycor HR solution service. Therefore, Little Caesars corporate and franchise associate can perform their own administrative tasks regarding- direct deposit, bank account, check stubs, and personal data on the Paycor’s Online Check Stubs portal. The check stub portal is accessible through the internet at any time from anywhere.

If you are an active employee, Form W-2 will be available for distribution in mid-January. Your district manager will distribute your W2. You will be advised where and when the Form W-2 will be available for pick up. If you are failed to pick up your Form W-2, it will be mailed to your home in the last week of January. Have any questions regarding your W-2, contact with your district manager.

How to access Paycor’s Account
As a returning user, you must have a user ID and password to log into Paycor’s Online Check Stubs portal. You will have to change your password periodically. If you are a new employee, you will be received an invitation email with an access code to register for your account at Paycor’s Online Check Stubs portal. Once you have received this email, follow the following steps-
1. Click on the invitation email suggested register for an account link. Or click on our REFERENCE (Paycor Account Registration).
2. Enter your last name and access code, click on Continue. [ Access code are available in invitation email]
3. Enter your SSN and DOB and click on Continue.
4. Create your user name and password, and enter an email address, select the checkbox. Click on Continue.
5. Verify your email address with code or using the verification link. Click on Continue.
6. Select and provide the answer to 4 challenging questions. Click on Save.
7. Click on My Check Stubs to view your check stub information and print out.
8. For additional help, contact your payroll office. Please do not leave without comment if you have any complications with this information.

Paycor Account Registration
Paycor Login

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