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Braum’s Employees: direct deposit receipts are available for review on Braum’s paperless employee portal, accessible from anywhere on the internet. The paperless employee portal lets you update your direct deposit, bank account, pay stubs, W-4, and personal information. W2 forms are also available in electronic format on the same web portal. You must consent to the electronic delivery of your W2 paper by state law. The purpose of this article is for you to access your pay stub and tax statement online using paperless employees.

 How to Access Pay Stubs & Tax Statements?
Access the Paperless Employee account in the following way-

Go to


Log in with your User ID and password.

New User:

If you are new to this system, you must create an account. The following information is required to create an account.

  1. PIN (PIN is your Employee ID on top of your pay stub. If you don’t have any pay stubs, then you should use the first three letters of the Last name, the first letter of the first name, the first three digits of the SSN, and the last three digits of the SSN, and two-digit birth of the month. For example, if your name is GONZALO LARES; your DOB is 12-15-1988, and your SSN is 123456789, then your PIN should be LARG12378912). 
  2. Social security number (9 digits SSN)
  3. Date of birth, click on the Create Account button to begin the registration process.
  4. Enter your Account Name, create your User ID (user ID must be 6-15 characters using only letters and numbers), and Create a Password. Click on Save and Continue.
  5. Select and provide answers to the three security questions. The solutions will be used to assist you in resetting a forgotten password. Click on Save Security Questions.
  6. Enter your Contact Information, including email address, cell phone number, etc. (you also have to verify your email address and cell phone number). Once you have confirmed your email and cell phone number, you have to set up the “Electronic Statement Notification Options” there are Email, Alternate Email, and Cell Phone options you can use. Click on Save Notification Option Setting. During this step, you will also be prompted to log in with your new user ID and password.
  7. Now you are on the Home page of your account.

View Pay Stubs: To view/download or print out your pay stubs, click on “Pay Statements” from the right-side menu. Select the pay statement year from the drop-down menu. The most recent will be displayed in the default setting. Click the “Select below to Download/Print Full Statement” box on the desired date. A PDF statement will be displayed in the next window.

View W2s: To view/download or print out your W2s statement, click on “Year-End Tax Statements” from the right side menu. Then select tax statements; there are 1095-C and W-2 statements. To view W-2 statements, check the w-2 box. Now you have to choose a delivery method; there are electronic, fax, and mail option. For fax and mail copy, you have to pay the service charge. Select “Download (PDF)” for free. Click on “Review & Complete Order.” The next step will show the order confirmation number and the View and download link. Remember, these links will only be active for 10 minutes. After that time, you will need to place a new order to view your W-2 or 1095-C.

Access Pay Stub Portal Account to obtain pay stubs for the year 2014
you can access your pay stub portal account in the following way-
1. Go to
2. This will take you to the Sign-in page. Type your login information, including your Social Security Number and PIN, and click on Sign In. If you have never had access, you must complete a registration process.
3. Click on the First visit? Register Now link. This will take you to the registration page.
4. Enter your Social Security number, Date of Birth, and last three digits of your social security number and click on Submit.
5. Establish a PIN.
6. After registering, log in with your Social Security Number and PIN. Once logged in, you will see the pay stub portal menu tab, which contains View Pay Stubs, Email and Text Messages, and Change PIN.
7. View the Paystub tab will display your available pay stubs.

Access the Paperless Pay account to obtain pay stubs and tax statements for the year 2015-17
Access the Paperless Pay system using the following address- If you ask for an employer code, you must enter 16244 as Braum’s Employer code for Paperless Pay.


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  1. I am Harold L. Duplain, and I have recently been “de-activated” from braums due to other employment; can someone send me a g-mail of my last pay stub at my g-mail address of “ ?; also, at the end of JAN 2019, I will be getting with my office managers in Melbourne to figure out a way of retrieving my W-2s for my employment with braums this year.

  2. I need a copy of my paystud for last pay day . Is there any way u can fax me a copy of last two pay studs

  3. Hi i work at braums in Greenville,tx .Can u email me my last 2 pay studs to this email address poohbear2152@gmail.

  4. I need my w2 sent to me I used to work at Braum on hulen I moved to Pine Bluff Arkansas adress 1616 south poplar my last four digits of my SS. 2226

  5. Hi im angela bryce im a new employee. Ive been trying to register, but it keeps telling me too many failed attemps. I need my paystubs for dhs foodstamps

  6. Hi my name is Dave Allen I work at the Braum’s dairy plant in 2018 I need to see if you can email me at my email address the hire date in the fire date thank you

  7. It’s not letting me verify my email address. I’ve tried over and over again. Plenty times and days now. Its my first time logging into it

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