Boyd Gaming Pay Stubs & W2s

Boyd Gaming Team Members: view your pay stubs through the paperless pay online system. Paperless pay is a third-party system that is utilized by Boyd Gaming (one of the leading companies in the gaming industry in the USA). You can use this Paperless Pay website via a unique login to view and print your pay stubs and access W-4 Forms. Team member’s W-2 form will be mailed to their address on file no later than 31st January of each year. Make sure that information is up to date in the HR system. If you need to make a change, contact your supervisor or Human Resource manager. You can also create an update through the paperless-pay system. If you are looking for Boyd Gaming casinos win/loss statements for tax preparation or need to request for a reprint of W2-Gs, you can use B Connected Mobile app. It will take approximately ten business days to process your request. The following instructions describe how to access your paperless pay account.

Getting Started
1. Access the Paperless Pay system using one of the following methods-
a. Go to the Paperless Pay website at
b. Visit the Paperless Pay system website for Boyd Gaming at
2. If you are using the method (a), you will be asked to enter an employer code. Boyd Gaming employer code for Paperless Pay is 11811. If you are using the method, (b) you will be directly accessing your company’s paperless pay system.
3. Click on the “Click Here to Login” button.
4. Login with your user ID and PIN. This is a single sign-in on the system. If you are newly hired, you have to log in with the default user name and password. Your user ID is your Employer ID, default or temporary password is your last four digits of SSN plus a four-digit birth year. For example, your last four digits of SSN are 1234, and the year of birth is 1990, then the temporary password is 12341990. Returning users must use their previously used Employee ID and password.
5. If this is your first time logging into the Paperless Pay system, you will be asked to complete risk-based authentication, which includes remembering your device, setting a security image, selecting and providing answers for six challenging questions, reviewing and submit the entered data.
6. After successfully authenticating, you will be prompted to change the initial password. Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice. Now you will be logged out and log in with your Employee ID and new password.
7. After successfully logging into the Paperless Pay system, you will be able to view and print your pay stubs and W-4 forms.

Paperless Pay

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