Lee Health Pay Stubs & W2s

Lee Memorial Health Associates: all employees will have access to a new LINK infor payroll system. A previous self-service portal can be used for viewing historical pay stubs and W-2s. The new self-service portal gives employees direct access to their payroll data via the internet. Pay statements and tax statements dating back to July 13, 2018, will reside in the new self-service portal. Pay statements that are before July 13, 2018, and W2 for 2017 or prior will reside in the previous Lee Health Employee Self-Service portal.

Benefits of New Document Self-service-
1. New Document self-service is powered by MHC software Inc. which is allowed to manage your information better.
2. Easy user interface.
3. You can download both of your pay statements and W-2 at any time from anywhere.
4. You can print out your pay statement and W-2 easily.
Your pay statements and W-2s are essential; you must review your pay statement for unexpected errors in each pay period. Because only net pay (pay after taxes and other deductions) will be deposited directly into the bank account. On the other hand, the W-2 statement is required for filing the Federal tax.

Access Documents Self-service portal-
1. Use the following URL to access the Lee Health Document Self-service portal on your web browser-https://dss.leehealth.org/login.aspx
2. After you click the link, you will see the Lee Health Documents self-service portal log in screen. This is where you type in your Network user ID and Network password that you received from the IT office/HR office.
3. Once logged in, click on My Payroll under the View My Documents section. It will show My Payroll Documents screen. This is where your pay statement is stored and arranged by pay date. The most recent pay statement appears on top. Click the View icon, and then your pay statement will display in a new window.
4. To view and print your W-2s, click on My W2s under View My Documents. The next window will display your available W2 document. Click on the View icon to view your W2 Form. Click on the Printer icon to print your W2 copy. If you want to download, click on the save file icon.
5. To submit your W-4 tax information, you can fax your completed W-4 form to 343-8330.

Lee Health Document self-service
Lee health employee self-service (Prior)

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