Lee Group Pay Stubs & W2s

Employees of Lee Staffing: Access to the online timecards and view or print your pay stubs are done via the Employees E-Connect portal. E-Connect system works on all browsers, as well as mobile devices. If you can access the internet, you can access the e-connect system. This article provides instructions for employees on how to access their pay stub using an e-connect application. Time entries must be completed before noon every Monday. Form W-2 (details the employee’s compensations and tax withholding amounts for the year) will be postmarked no later than 31st January of each year to the home address that on file. You can also request a re-issue of your W-2 within a few weeks after the yearly W2 mailing deadline. But it is not free; each reprint costs $5 for the current year and $10 for previous years.

Access E-Connect Account
As previously stated, you must have an account ID and password to access the E-Connect portal of Lee Group.
1. Go to the Lee Group e-connect web site located at http://econnect.theleegroup.com/application/signin_employee.aspx
2. Enter your account id and password click on Sign In.
3. After logging into the e-connect, you will receive the main menu. Your main menu may have a different selection, including entering timecard, View assignment, Payroll/Check the history, My profile, and much more.
4. To view and print your pay stubs, click on View Check History. It will show a list of your pay stubs, select one of them and print using keyboard command or file>> pint option.

New user:
If this is the first time you are using e-connect for an access pay stub or enter your time card, please follow this instruction for registration:
You have already received an email with a registration code to create an account in the e-connect system. Do not receive your registration code, contact with your supervisor/manager.
Go to the Lee Group Account Maintenance portal (see REFERENCE)
Enter your registration code and click on the Register button.
During registration, you will be prompted to create your Account ID and password, add personal and contact information, select and provide the answer to a few challenging questions.
Once you have created your account, you will be able to e-connect portal using this account and password.

Lee Group e-connect
Account Maintenance

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