Learning Care Group Pay Stubs & W2s

LCG and its associate brand employees; go ahead and give it a try with the following instructions, your pay statement and tax statements are online and waiting for your view. The article has been provides as a brief step by step guide to the electronic access of pay statement and tax statement for learning care group employees and its associates brand Childtime, La Patite academy, the children’s courtyard and tutor time. All learning care group and it associate brand employees can receive their original W-2 Forms and pay statements online. Pay statements will be available on the work number in the evening before the pay day and Your W-2 Form for this year’s will be available as early as mid-January in this portal and will be mailed no later than 31 January.

Access Pay Stubs & W2s

You can access the work number website by entering this ULR from any PC or mobile device with internet connection, www.theworknumber.com which will take you to the work number home page. Once you have reached the work number site, follow the following steps to print and view your pay stubs and W2s.

1. Enter the employer code or name in the Employer Code/name field. If you enter the name you will see a list of suggested name, you need select proper name otherwise enter your employer code; LCG Employer code is 10054. Click on Go which will take you to the LCG employees Login page.

2. Click on “Click Here to Login” button which will show Login screen.

3. Enter your social security number with dashes and click on Continue.

4. Enter your PIN and click on Log in. The following steps are for first time user only. If you have already an account in the work number system, simply continue using your user name and password. You will never asking for following steps.

5. You will be asked a series of security question, so answer this questions.

6. Change your default password then you will be log out automatically and login again with your new password.

7. Click on Go Paperless

8. Tic the check box and click on Test Now.

9. Close the pop up window and complete the contact form. Click on Continue.

10. Review your entered information and click on Confirm.

Now view your pay stubs and W-2 Form. If you have any trouble to accessing the work number website, call the Work Number hotline at 1-877-325-9239 and press 0 to talk with person. If your payroll information are unavailable on this site, you need to contact with your payroll office at payandbenefits@learningcaregroup.com.


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  1. I need access to my pay information for Child Support Reasons. Your system is the least helpful I’ve experienced. Get me my pay stub right “F***ing” now. There should already be a hard copy sent to me every week!!!

  2. patricia schilbe  |  

    I have repeatedly tried to log in to access my paystubs with no luck. I have even tried to reset my p/w & get a response saying a link has been sent to my email, which never happens….

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