Delta Sonic Pay Stubs & W2s

Delta Sonic Employees; Delta sonic provides access to historical and present payroll data, tax statements, and pay statements convenient to all former and current employees. These are available through a third-party company called Ultipro. This Ultipro portal may be accessed via the internet from computers within Delta Sonic location or home. It can be accessed via a smartphone or a tablet also.

If you are enrolled in a direct deposit program, you will not receive a paper copy of your pay statement. But you can choose both options- electronic and mailed delivery of your tax statement. The W-2 form will be sent to your home address no later than 31 January, but the electronic W-2 Form will be available for you to access in Ultipro too early than mail delivery. The employee also uses Money Network pay stub portal to access their pay statement online (if authorized). Login to the MyDeltaSonic resource portal to access benefits info and other resources. You will be asking for your Employee ID and DOB for access to The following steps provide instructions on how to view your pay statement and tax statement from Ultipro.

Logging into Ultipro system

Open your web browser and type in in the web browser.

Then you will see the user name entrance screen. Enter your user name, click on Click on Next.

Enter your password and click Login. All employees are registered to use this site. If you are a new employee, contact your payroll office for Ultipro login data.

Once logged in, click on the Pay tab. It will show you the Pay history, YTD summary, direct deposit, etc.

You will be given a list of pay stubs and w2s by date. Click on the desired date to view and print. If you do not have the present pay statement and tax statement in the specific tab, that means you are a new employee, and your payroll data may not be ready yet.

For further assistance log into




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