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DPSG Family; DPSG has made an ESS portal for those employees and retirees to access pay and tax statements online. This article explains how to view and print your pay and tax statements online. Pay statements are available through a third-party online portal called paperless pay. The paperless pay online system offers many benefits, including online access to your pay stubs, managing or setting up a direct deposit account, and much more. An original copy of your tax statement will be available in an online portal called Tax Form Management on 21st January (approximately ten days sooner). So you can consent to receive your tax statement forms online. Otherwise, your tax statement Form will be mailed no later than 31st January to your home address. W2 online consent discloser and test will be available when signing in. The instructions below highlight the steps for signing into the paperless pay and the tax forms management web portal.

Access Pay Stubs

• To access paperless-pay pages, first navigate to the paperless-pay home page at https://paperlesspay.talx.com/dpsg
• Some of you may be asked to enter your employer code; DPSG Employer Code is 11379. Click Login.
• Then, you will see the DPSG Paperless Pay home page. Click on “Click Here to Login”
• Enter your SSN without any dashes and click Continue.
• Enter your PIN. The temporary PIN will be the date of birth and DPS. Click on Login. If you have already completed the initial sign-in process, your ID is active in this system. You will not be asking for the following additional steps. The following steps are needed for employees who have not yet logged into this system. Before begin, contact your administrator to ensure the account setup process has been completed for you.
• Complete six risk-based authentication steps, including remembering this computer, security image, security question, adding or updating contact information, reviewing, and submitting your information.
• After completing the risk-based authentication, you will be prompted to change your temporary PIN.
• You will see a list of pay stubs under the Pay Stub tab.
• If you cannot log in or have questions, contact your payroll office.

Access W2 online
To access your W-2 Form online, you have to consent online. Log in to the Tax Form management portal the same as paperless pay.
Click on Go Paperless
Tick the checkbox “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery.”
Click on Accept and Continue.
Set up an email for notification and click “Confirm and Submit.”

Paperless Pay
Tax Form Management

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  1. I aM former employee. Need to get my w-2 sent to my home address.
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