How to Get Big Lots Pay Stubs & W2s?

Big Lots, a giant in the American retail industry, offers a myriad of products ranging from furniture to food, serving customers with a plethora of affordable options in their daily and special shopping endeavors. Operating approximately 1,400 stores across 47 states, the company (NYSE: BIG) is recognized for its commitment to delivering unmatched value to its customers. Embracing the mission “Live BIG and Save Lots,” Big Lots aims to surprise and delight its customers while cultivating a positive work culture for its associates. As the nation’s premier broad-line closeout merchant, Big Lots seeks to solidify its position further in the rapidly growing closeout retail sector. By leveraging its branding, marketing, and logistics strengths, the company envisions itself as a resilient, value-driven retailer poised for sustained growth. For more about Big Lots, visit For employees at Big Lots, accessing pay stubs and W2 forms is critical for managing their financial matters and filing taxes. It’s common for large corporations like Big Lots to have systematic procedures and online portals through which their employees can access this vital information. Note that the precise method can sometimes change, and it’s always best to check the most current procedure directly with your employer or HR department. However, below is a generalized approach to how Big Lots employees might access their pay stubs and W2s:

Accessing Pay Stubs and More on ESS.MyBigLots.Net

The My Big Lots Portal is a dedicated online space designed for Big Lots employees to manage and access their paycheck statements, personal information, voluntary deductions, and much more right from the comfort of their workplace. The portal works as a one-stop solution for employees to handle various aspects related to their employment and financial documentation. However, it’s pertinent to note that the platform is accessible only within Big Lots’ internal network and not authorized for use outside of it.

How to Access MyBigLots.Net: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Reach the Platform: The platform can be accessed directly at
  • Step 2: Logging In: All existing and newly-inducted employees are inherently registered on this Oracle PeopleSoft web-based system. Login is facilitated through an Employee ID and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Step 3: Initial Access for New Employees: New employees can utilize their Employee ID and the last five digits of their Social Security Number as a preliminary PIN for first-time access. A prompt to create a new, personalized PIN/password will appear upon initial login.
  • Step 4: Personalizing Your Account: The portal also prompts users to add their contact info, such as an email ID or phone number. Employees can also input direct deposit account details and consent to online delivery of tax statements, among other functionalities.
  • Step 5: Encounter Issues? Here’s What to Do: If a new employee doesn’t have access or any user experiences issues with the platform, reaching out to the payroll office is the recommended step.

Accessing W2s Online for Big Lots Employees: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Navigating through digital platforms to access crucial tax documents can sometimes pose a challenge, particularly for those unfamiliar with online systems. The ability to access W2 forms online not only streamlines tax filing processes but also ensures that employees can retrieve their financial data at their convenience. Here, we’ll delve into a step-by-step guide on how both active and former Big Lots employees can effortlessly access their W2 forms online through the Online Wage Statements portal.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Online Wage Statements Website

For Big Lots employees, the first step toward accessing their W2 forms online involves navigating to the designated website: This platform serves as a centralized location where active and former employees can retrieve their wage statements and tax documents with just a few clicks.

  • Step 2: Log In with Default Credentials

Upon reaching the website, employees are required to log in using:

  1. Username: Employee ID
  2. Default Password: The last five digits of their Social Security Number

Returning users will input their previously set password, while first-time users will utilize the default credentials.

  • Step 3: Setting a New Password

First-time users will encounter a prompt requiring them to change the default password. To accomplish this:

  1. Enter the default password as the old password.
  2. Create and confirm a new password.
  3. Click “Change Password” to confirm the modification and proceed.
  • Step 4: Complete Your Profile Information

Following a successful password reset, completing the profile setup is imperative:

  1. Profile Information: Enter relevant details as prompted on the screen.
  2. Security Setup: Employees will need to choose and answer secret questions. In future sessions, these questions and their respective answers will be pivotal for account recovery via the “Forgot Password” option. Thus, remembering these details is crucial.
  • Step 5: Accessing Your W2 Form

With your profile fully set up, the subsequent steps to access the W2 form are straightforward:

  1. Upon login, navigate to the “Tax Documents” tab, which can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on “W2,” and the document will be available for download, facilitating easy access and management of your tax-related data.

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