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Information technology is a very new branch of modern science and technology. Nowadays, it has become an integral part of global business. It is making a tremendous contribution to the economic development of the world. As a result of networking and the Internet, nowadays, it has become global communication. By combining these scientific technologies, it has been possible to create a business eco-system through which all the solutions of a business organization are available. It’s even easier to issue Pay Stubs and W2s to employees by managing all business operations, including payroll processing. It has a long-term contract with ADP Employee Self-Service Portal for payroll processing. The Hollister company, established in the American retail industry at the beginning of the 21st century, is conducting business by combining all these technical advantages mentioned above. The mainstay of any retail company is the store, and it has more than five hundred and eighty locations worldwide to welcome customers to meet their needs. It also has an online store to deliver retail products like Apparel, accessories, fragrances, etc., to customers’ doorsteps. All visionaries and creative people are invited to join this company to write the future chapter of Hollister.

Explore the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal for your Hollister Pay Stubs & W2s

  • Although a lot has been said about Hollister today, I did not start this article to praise the company. The actual purpose of this article is to help you explore your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements by accessing the ADP Employee Self-Service Portal. I am trying to detail the process of accessing the portal targeting Hollister’s new employees.
  • First, you must create an ADP account by visiting the ADP sign-in page (https://my.adp.com) and entering the “Create account” link. Then to start the Self Service Registration for creating your ADP account, you have to provide a registration code in the “I have a registration code” option which will be given to you by your employer. If the Hollister company does not use the registration code, proceed with the “Find me” option. In the case of the “Find me” option, you have to find your Profile with some information and verify your identity through email. As opposed to, in the case of “I have a registration code,” after providing your identity information, you need to verify your identity through your phone number or some identity questions.
  • In the next step, you must provide an email address and phone number, which will be considered your primary contact information. If the ADP system asks for code verification here, do it correctly because all update notifications will be given to you through these contact details. On reaching the last step, you will see your ADP User ID on the screen. Then set your ADP password using the two input boxes below. Be sure to follow the instructions regarding passwords. Finally, clicking on the checkbox will enable the finishing button (Create Your Account) of the registration process and click on it to complete the process.
  • This process is the main task for new employees, and everyone has to sign in to the portal directly from the sign-in page using this User ID and Password. Then, from the ADP home page, you can update all your personal information by navigating to Profile and explore everything related to your payroll by navigating to “Pay.” However, for new employees who sign in for the first time, don’t forget to enable Go Paperless from “Pay” as well as check Tax Withholding and Direct Deposit (update if necessary).

Disclaimer: The Hollister and Hollister logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Hollister Co.

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