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In the age of electronic media, the whole world has become a global village. Thanks to satellite communication, what is happening around the world is being broadcast globally in real time. Under the international telephone network, talking directly to people from anywhere worldwide is possible. World culture is built on the free flow of information. In this regard, Comcast Corporation, the largest telecommunications, media, and entertainment company based in America, is playing a significant role through Xfinity, NBCUniversal, and Sky Group divisions across the globe. Founded nearly six decades ago, the company is now creating incredible technology and entertainment globally, mainly in the US and Europe, thanks to the tireless efforts of almost one hundred and ninety thousand employees. Comcast Corporation felt the need for a paperless office to distribute Pay Stubs and W2s along with the payroll process of this large workforce. Because manual payroll management and distribution of paper copy Pay Stubs and W2 Statements will waste a lot of time and labor and also cause damage to the environment. So Comcast Corporation has chosen a simple solution by creating a paperless office through the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal.

Explore the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal for your Comcast Pay Stubs & W2s

  • Since you are an employee of Comcast Corporation, you are at least already familiar with the name of the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal. To access this portal, you should receive an Organizational Email, UPN (User Principal Name), and a Temporary Password from Comcast Corporation. You only need to have this information; the rest will be detailed in this article. Otherwise, after collecting them from your employer, please follow the rest of this article.
  • Now your first task is to visit the link to reach the sign-in page of the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal assigned for Comcast Corporation. The link is ( You can sign in to the portal through Microsoft’s single sign-on process. Input your UPN (User Principal Name) or Organizational Email, click on the “Next” button, input your Temporary Password, and click on the “Sign in” button to perform your initial sign-in. Typically, single sign-on processes include a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system as an additional layer of account security that needs to be set up after first-time sign-in according to the system’s instructions. So enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by clicking on the “Set Up” button.
  • The next task is to change the Temporary Password and set a new strong Password. All the instructions for creating your strong Password are on the screen. If the values of the New Password and Verify New Password input boxes do not match, the password change action will not succeed. So carefully input your new Password twice. Before arriving at Workday Home, your final task is setting up “Password Challenge Questions” to help you reset or recover your Password. Here select the questions and provide the answers in such a way with your intelligence that no one can guess. Then click on the “Submit” button to review and click on the “Done” button to reach the Workday Home. Click “Let’s get started” to explore the portal’s features. You can access your profile by clicking on your name on the top right of Workday Home and review or update as needed.
  • Here, you actually need to access your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, which you will find under “Pay” from Workday Home. Open two options named “Payslips” and “My Tax Documents” in the “View” section. Check your Pay Stubs or W2 Statements by specific date or year.

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