Five Star Senior Living Pay Stubs & W2s

Many community-based service provider companies focus on providing life management, rehabilitation, and wellness services to older American adults. These companies offer a wide variety of short-term stays, rehabilitation services, and hospice care coordination to honor, enrich and inspire their lives. With over two decades of experience, Five Star Senior Living is unique in keeping seniors healthy and active. The company has become a trusted icon in meeting emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual needs in more than one hundred and forty communities in twenty-eight US states. Thus, quality services through highly skilled management with continuously trained employees are the primary influencers behind becoming a symbol of trust for adults in some communities. All employees can also be focused entirely on their responsibilities because they never have to think about their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. Five Star Senior Living has a Workday Employee Self-Service Portal to receive their Pay Stubs on time. And the W2 Statements are sent by the Five Star Senior Living authorities to the employees’ addresses through postal mail. Although Five Star Senior Living has recently been rebranded to AlerisLife, it remains under the original name in the communities.

How to Access Five Star Senior Living Pay Stubs and W2s?

  • Due to the integration of Microsoft’s SSO (Single Sign On) process in your Workday Employee Self-Service Portal, the information of the Five Star Senior Living Company and all associated with it is stored very securely. The more convenient thing is that you can enjoy the same benefits by installing the Workday Mobile App on any of your smart devices while accessing it through a computer. However, I think showing here how to access it through a computer is more important. So, first, navigate to Workday’s main page using this link through your computer’s browser. For reaching the Workday Landing Page from the Main Page, there are two options to complete the login: with a Five Star email address and without a Five Star email address. If you have a Five Star email address or an organizational account, attempt to log in through the first option; otherwise, log in by inputting your Five Star employee ID and password as Username in the second option.
  • You must change your password when logging in to Workday for the first time because Five Star Senior Living authority assigned you a temporary password. And that’s why you will get automatic instructions from the Workday system that you only need to follow. Due to Microsoft’s SSO (Single Sign On) process, if the Workday system instructs you to enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), then follow it and complete it. In this case, you must use the email address or phone number to which you will have access to receive the verification code while logging in to the portal. Finally, select your password challenge question from the three options and answer them, which will help to verify your identity if you need to recover your password.
  • You will reach an introductory screen where you will find the “Let’s get started” button below. You will get access to your Workday Landing Page or Home Page by clicking on that button. Then click on the “Pay” icon to view your Pay Stubs.
  • Your W2 Statements will be mailed to your home address immediately after they are prepared. So, if you have changed your residence or need to change your address, please update it in time by paying attention to the company’s notice.

Disclaimer: The Five Star Senior Living and Five Star Senior Living logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Five Star Senior Living company.

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