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When one reaches old age, or how the later years of one’s aging loved one’s life will be spent, it must have crossed one’s mind at one time or another. Brookdale Senior Living has been working tirelessly in America’s assisted living industry for more than four decades to address these concerns and positively impact seniors’ lives. The organization is driven by the noble goal of creating a sense of family among senior residents, associates, and patients with integrity, considering relationships as the heart of the organization’s culture. A unique attraction here is that the organization first listens to the needs of elderly residents and patients and then chooses the right solution through mutual discussion of possible solutions and options. Thus to become a trusted partner through customized solutions, the associates of the organization play a considerable role by creating a natural feeling in the combination of their passion and courage. Brookdale Senior Living doesn’t care less about associates or employees, as the Brookdale Associate Self-Service online portal has been created for its more than sixty-three thousand employees. So that they can easily access their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements while choosing their benefits.

Explore your Brookdale Senior Living Pay Stubs & W2s on the Brookdale Associate Self-Service Portal

As a Brookdale Senior Living associate or employee, you will be able to easily access this online portal from your location, regardless of whether you are employed at any branch of over six hundred and eighty locations in forty-six US states. So without further delay, follow the process described here to maintain your employment profile and explore your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements.

  • First, open your device’s browser and visit this link ( to reach the Brookdale Associate Self-Service Portal sign-in page. After joining Brookdale Senior Living, if you have signed in to this portal before, sign in directly with your User ID and Password according to the process you know. Otherwise, you must sign in using a Default Password with your User ID on your first sign-in. The User ID pattern for users on this Brookdale Associate Self-Service Portal is to append an uppercase B before your nine-digit Employee ID. Example: B012345678. Your Default Password pattern starts with Bkd, then use the four digits of your birth year, then the last four digits of your Social Security Number, followed by a question mark. Example: Bkd19806789?.
  • The Brookdale Associate Self-Service Portal system will automatically take you to the Changing Password page to change your Default Password or Temporary Password upon first sign-in and provide you with all the necessary instructions to create a New Password. Once the password change is successful, you can access the Associate Self-Service Home Page and explore Pay Stubs and W2 Statements with all your information.
  • For returning users, if you forget your password, click on the “Reset Password Here” link instead of trying to enter a wrong Password again and again and get a Temporary Password in your email address. In this case, help the system to find your profile and authenticate you by providing your User ID first. After following the rest of the instructions correctly, a Temporary Password will be given to the email address in your employment profile.
  • Caution: Please do not attempt to sign in to this Brookdale Associate Self-Service Portal thrice with an incorrect password. Because then your Brookdale account will be locked out, and in this case, you must contact the security administrator to fix your Brookdale account.

Disclaimer: The Brookdale Senior Living and Brookdale Senior Living logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Brookdale Senior Living Inc.

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