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A few years after the Third Industrial Revolution was ushered in by the invention of the Internet, CTDI or Communications Test Design, Inc. began its journey from a family garage. Since then, the company’s growth has accelerated through various global engineering, repair, and logistics services in the US telecommunications industry. The company currently provides innovative and technological supply chain solutions and end-to-end services to cable service providers, major wireline and wireless telecom carriers, and major OEMs across the globe through five divisions. Considering all the talented employees as the most significant asset, CTDI Company has always been committed to providing quality services which have been a critical element behind the success of this company. Each member of the family of this forty-seven-year-old company, consisting of more than nineteen thousand employees, is given access to the Ado My Info Self-Service Portal to receive Pay Stubs and W2 Statements on their own. There is also an opportunity to access the same services using the Adecco Mobile App, as Adecco controls all activities at CTDI, from recruitment to payroll. And here we are to provide you with the exact guidelines to access this self-service portal which you can follow with ease.

How to Access CTDI Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Hopefully, if you follow this process correctly, you will not face problems accessing Ado My Info Self-Service Portal. Please comment below on how you like this article. Also, don’t miss sharing this with your colleagues.

  • Visit here (www.adomyinfo.com) to access the web version of the portal using your computer. Ado My Info account holders, please provide your email to sign in, click the “Continue” button, click the “Sign in” button, enter the password, and click the “Sign in” button again. Employees who have just joined CTDI, who are not Ado My Info account holders, provide an email to create your account and click on the “Continue” button. On the next screen, click on the “Sign in” button, click on the “Send verification code” button, check your email, enter the received verification code, and click on the “Verify code” button. This process is your email verification process, and if it is successful, you will reach the password generation screen. Otherwise, click the “Send new code” button and complete the email verification by receiving the code again. To create your password, follow the on-screen instructions cautiously in the Ado My Info system.
  • After entering the password you created and clicking on the “Continue” button, you will reach the “Create an Account” page, where you will have to verify your identity. Enter your last name, select any verification method, provide verification information, provide your zip code (if the system asks), and click the “Continue” button. You will be automatically taken to the security question page if your identity verification is positive. Answer the security questions, click the “Continue” button, review all the information provided to the system, and complete the account creation through submission. Now, if you are taken directly to the dashboard of Ado My Info Self-Service Portal, search for the information you need. On the other hand, if you are taken to the sign-in page, sign in with your email and password and reach the Ado My Info dashboard.
  • Adecco Mobile App: If you want to access all your HR data, payroll information, pay stubs, and W2 statements more conveniently through your smartphone, install the Adecco Mobile App now. Then create an account in the process described above and access it or sign in directly if you have an account.

Disclaimer: The CTDI and CTDI logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Communications Test Design, Inc.

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