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Inspired by technology, the US-based multinational consumer electronics company is always working on future technologies for all the changing people. Fifty-six years ago, it began with the Sound of Music name, specializing in high-fidelity stereos, but later branched out with a new name focusing on consumer electronics. Yes, I am talking about your company Best Buy, which is working to enrich the lives of consumers and employees through technology. There is no substitute for technology when Best Buy processes payroll and distributes Pay Stubs and W2 Statements to employees. In that context, the company has an online employee self-service portal called Best Buy Connect. However, all current employees are authorized to access Best Buy Connect. On the other hand, former Best Buy employees have access to the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal, where employees can sign in and access human resource data after leaving Best Buy. Another thing here is that Adecco controls everything for the employees hired at Best Buy through the Adecco Staffing Company. And they can check their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements by going to Adecco Mobile App or Ado My Info Self-Service Portal.

Instructions for Current Employees on Best Buy Connect

All current Best Buy employees can reach the Best Buy Connect home page by visiting or Then click on the “Sign In” button on the top right and enter your Best Buy Credentials to sign in. Best Buy will provide you with a User ID and Password. After completing all the necessary initial setups, you can explore your payroll information, benefits, career, tools, and resources, including your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements.

Instructions for Former Employees on Workday Portal

Best Buy’s retired, job-switching, or terminated employees are no longer allowed access to Best Buy Connect. Therefore, the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal is available for all former employees to explore all the necessary information, including Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. However, the Pay Stubs after October 1, 2022, will be available on the Workday portal. To get previous Pay Stubs, you need to contact the HR Support Center of Best Buy Company. In this case, 1-866-MY-BBY-HR (1-866-692-2947) is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM.

Now to access the portal, first visit the Workday sign-in page (!CK5mGhIKBggDEMenAhIICgYI1A0QzAE~*mxNznR48TL0~/cacheable-task/14860$38.htmld?redirect=n#backheader =true) Visit the link. Then sign in by providing your Workday Username and Password. After signing in for the first time in this portal, you must change the password and set up Password Challenge Questions.

Finally, after reaching the “Workday Homepage,” you need to opt-in to receive your W-2 electronically from the settings. You will receive your W2 Statement in the “Pay” menu of the portal by January 31; otherwise, it will be sent to you via USPS. And if you need a previous W2 Statement, please get in touch with this (1-800-422-9410) number.

Instructions for Adecco App or Ado My Info Self-Service Portal

If you joined Best Buy through Adecco Staffing Company, access your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements through the Ado My Info Self-Service Portal or the Adecco Mobile App. Install Adecco Mobile App on your phone, open it, or visit this link ( from your computer browser.

If you already have an Ado My Info account, sign in with your email and password. Otherwise, please provide an email and verify it by following the instructions of the Ado My Info system. Then create your password. Complete your identity verification in the “Create an account” step and set up security questions. Finally, please review the information and submit it.

Now sign in to Ado My Info using your email address and password and check your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements.

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