Whirlpool Pay Stubs & W2s

Various companies have made people’s daily lives more accessible by making household appliances through world-renowned technology. In the same way, world-renowned technology plays a far-reaching role in the online distribution of Pay Stubs and W2 Statements by completing HR information management and payroll processing of employees working in various companies. In this case, Whirlpool Corporation, a multinational manufacturer and marketer of the American Home Appliances Manufacturing industry, can be described as an excellent example. Because this one hundred and eleven-year-old company, through modern technology, manufactures significant appliances and small appliances used in our homes and distributes Pay Stubs and W2s to about seventy thousand employees online. That’s why Whirlpool Corporation is using Ado My Info Self-Service Portal for employees, where everyone can access their HR and payroll data anytime after completing a one-time registration. Also, as an alternative, using the Adecco Mobile Application can access all the data more quickly. Today I have prepared this article for the benefit of all employees of Whirlpool Corporation who are engaged in various branches, including 54 manufacturing and technology research centers worldwide. Let’s start the main discussion about access to Self-Service Portal without delay.

How to Access Whirlpool Pay Stubs & W2s

Since it is more convenient for us to access anything using Mobile Applications, and we probably all have smartphones, it is suggested that everyone install Adecco Mobile Application first. I am detailing below how you can access Ado My Info Self-Service Portal using a computer. You can access the portal using the Adecco Mobile Application by following the same process.

  • Preparation: You will need a personal email address and SSN (Social Security Number) / SIN (Social Insurance Number). Turn on your computer and check the stability of the internet. Then open any browser of the latest version and visit this (www.adomyinfo.com) weblink of Ado My Info Self-Service Portal.
  • One-Time Registration: Enter your email address in the “Enter Your Email” input box. Press “Enter” from the keyboard or click the “Continue” button below the input box. Then after clicking the “Sign in” button, you will get a message on the screen to verify your email address. You will receive a verification code in your email by clicking on the “Send verification code” button. Enter it in the “Verification code” input box, and complete your email verification by clicking on the “Verify code” button. Pay close attention to the screen and understand the requirements and instructions regarding your password. Then create and input your password in two input boxes and save it in the Ado My Info system by clicking on the “Continue” button.
  • Then to verify your identity, the system will take you to the “Create Your Account” page, where you have to choose a verification method by providing your last name. As an employee of Whirlpool Corporation, you must select the “SSN/SIN” option from the dropdown menu, input your Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number and provide your ZIP code. After clicking on the “Continue” button, the system will take you to the “Security Questions” page after completing the verification through your provided information. Here, answering the existing Security Questions and saving them in the system will increase the security of your Ado My Info account. In the last step of this One-Time Registration process, you will be shown a screen to review all your information, and after submitting, it will take you to the dashboard or sign-in page of the Ado My Info Self-Service portal.
  • Sign In: Sign in using your email address (used as your Ado My Info username) and password from the Ado My Info sign-in page and explore your Whirlpool Corporation Employment Profile, Pay Stubs, and W2 Statements.

Disclaimer: The Whirlpool and Whirlpool logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Whirlpool Corporation.

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