CBPS Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CBPS Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

In the outsourcing and offshoring consulting industry, Canon (CBPS: Canon Business Process Services) is highly skilled and leads in automation and human resources management with decades of experience in providing commercial support services. This company offers services from business process outsourcing and consulting to supply chain management. It improves operational efficiency through modern technology while reducing the business risk and cost of various client companies. Although CBPS is a subsidiary of Canon Inc., it is a wholly-owned, independent company that uses advanced technology to implement six Sigma methods and skills. It has been considered Best Global Brands, Most Admired Companies, Most Loved Workplaces, World’s Most Ethical Companies, etc., combining its work policy, service, and employee management. All the data belonging to this company is maintained through modern technology, such as digital pay stubs & w2s provided to all employees. So DocAgent Payroll System (https://cbps.docagent.net/DAPORTAL/Default.aspx) is used here, through which the employees can easily access, download, and print their desired documents. Here various core values such as client priority, results-driven, quality-driven, creative ability, entrepreneurship, ethics, human values, etc., are nurtured. In addition to all these core values, CBPS is providing BPO services to many companies in a beautiful environment using the leading modern technology.

Access to your DocAgent Payroll System

CBPS (Canon Business Process Service) is contracted with Digital Designs, Inc. to provide all employees’ payroll and tax information and documents. Here is their DocAgent Payroll System; all the employees will get all the information and documents related to their salary and taxes, like Pay Stubs & W2s, through 24 hours access.

Log-in Process:

  • First of all, for your information, there is no option or need to register the employees. All employees are automatically registered in the system. To log in, navigate to the login page of DocAgent Payroll System (https://cbps.docagent.net/DAPORTAL/Default.aspx); with any internet-connected device, input your User ID and Password, and click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • User ID: Here, the User ID of all employees is their Employee Number.
  • Initial Password: At the first login to the portal, your initial password is your (Employee Number + Social Security Number’s last four digits).
  • After clicking the login button, this DocAgent Payroll System will prompt you on the screen to change your initial password. And create a strong password by following the on-screen instructions and requirements. The next step is to select some of the default security questions in the system and save the answers that the system may ask in the future to protect the security of your account. Then, this system will automatically take you to the login page and re-login with your User ID and new Password input. If login to the system is successful, update your personal information.
  • Note: On the left side of the login page of this portal are some instructions related to login. You must follow them. However, in this case, if there is a problem understanding something or resetting your password, you can consider help or contact us. You can also call CBPS (Canon Business Process Services) Support at (877) 988-2265.
  • Pay Stubs: By clicking on the Red Adobe Acrobat (PDF) logo under the “OBSDDA” option of the portal, you will be able to know the details of Payment along with your direct deposit information.
  • W2s: You can find out the details of your tax-related W2s by clicking on the Red Adobe Acrobat (PDF) logo under the eW-2s option of the portal. In the DocAgent Payroll System, you will not get any W2s before 2020. For any W2s before 2020, please email the CBPS payroll department (CBPS-Payroll@cbps.canon.com).
  • You must download and install Acrobat Reader on your computer if you want to see your desired Pay Stub or W2s.
  • You can also access all the information by logging in the same way by installing the mobile application on your smartphone.

Disclaimer: The CBPS and CBPS logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the CBPS (Canon Business Process Services).

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