CCMH Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CCMH Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

CCMH (Comanche County Memorial Hospital) is one of the oldest, independent, non-profit, and specialized hospitals in the United States that guarantees intensive care at affordable costs for people of all classes and professions. It quickly provides medical diagnosis and treatment services to rehabilitated patients. The CCMH has 283 licensed beds and more than 2,000 employees, including 250 physicians and 100 volunteers, engaged in medical benefits on various terms or basis. All physicians and employees working in this organization are provided Pay stubs & w2s through MHC Software’s Document Self-Service Portal (, following a handsome salary structure. This successful organization is the result of decades of competent leadership and the dream of some visionary people in a community whose goal was to become a significant hospital with specialized services rich in modern technology. Yet CCMH is moving forward to ensure comprehensive and quality healthcare for all. Besides, it is improving the value of the life of those involved in healthcare from southwest Oklahoma.

Access to the DSS (Document Self-Service) Portal

  • To access the portal, you can go directly to this URL ( or from the official website of Comanche County Memorial Hospital ( within the ‘Careers’ menu ‘Employee Portal’ Click on ‘Self Service Payroll Documents.’ You can’t log in or register by navigating here; Therefore, you must wait until you get paid for the first time.
  • Regular or old users can log in directly with credentials after navigating here. But new users will have to start the process by navigating to the registration page through ‘Register User’ by clicking on the ‘HERE’ hyperlink at the bottom of the login page after receiving the first payment.
  • First, according to the company’s Human Resource file, in the ‘Credential Verification’ step, input your ‘Last Name’ (Xxxxxxxxxx), SSN (xxx-xx-xxxx), Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY), and ‘Submit’ the code displayed in the image.
  • Then create your username. Use your email id as your username here. This time the system will send a confirmation email with a link to the email used as the username. And by clicking on the link from that confirmation email, you have to repeat the ‘Credential Verification’ done in the first step. Then set the password following the password requirements on the screen.
  • Finally, when the email verification is complete, you can optionally confirm a secondary email and access your desired document by logging in with your username and password.
  • To recover your forgotten password, navigate to the login page, click on the ‘HERE’ hyperlink below, enter the username on the next screen and click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ hyperlink. Then follow the following directions from the screen to reset your password.

View/Print Pay Stubs:

All employees can view or print their Pay Stubs under ‘My Pay Stubs’ in the ‘View My Documents’ menu by logging in to the portal. To view the desired Pay Stub here, you need to open the document by clicking on the specific view icon on that date.

View/Print W2s:

Employees need to turn on Authorization of ‘W-2s’ & ‘1095-Cs’ in the ‘My Delivery Settings’ menu on the portal for tax and health-related documents. Then after the specified date, if the digital version is available on the portal, the employees can log in to the DSS portal, click on the specific view icon for that particular year, open the document, view, print, or download.

Disclaimer: The CCMH and CCMH logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

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