CMC (Community Medical Center) Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CMC Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Community Medical Center (CMC) is a network of not-for-profit healthcare centers providing essential primary medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare to the community under the leadership of a leading physician. Here the mission to make the community healthy is moving towards a vision where people in communities are eager to come, doctors are happy to treat, and staffs are willing to provide health care. Montanans have placed trust in CMC (Community Medical Center) over the past century since its founding; it has always rewarded that trust with success. As all CMC (Community Medical Center) employees and medical providers are dedicated to improving the community’s health with a full range of medical services, the company is conscientious about providing various modern facilities to all employees and medical providers. All doctors and staff associated with CMC (Community Medical Center) have access to the UltiPro Employee Self-Service Portal, which receives all updated payroll and tax information, including pay stubs, direct deposit, and w2s.

Access to the UltiPro Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Step-1: As related to CMC (Community Medical Center), you can reach the UltiPro portal’s Sign-in page by typing this URL: in the browser of any computer device with an internet connection. Then complete the initial sign-in by correctly entering the username and default password provided by your employer or CMC’s payroll department at the time of your appointment into the correct input box.
  • NB: Please feel free to contact your employer or the payroll department if you do not know or have not received your username and default password. Suppose you are a regular or old user of this portal under CMC. In that case, you can directly access your documents and information by signing in by providing your username and regular password.
  • Step-2: After completing your initial sign-in, the UltiPro Portal system will provide the necessary instructions on the screen enough to change your default password first. You only need to create a password by following the screen requirements properly. You only need to create a password by correctly following the requirements shown on the screen.
  • Step-3: Once the password is changed successfully, on the next screen, you have to select three security questions from some pre-set security questions in the system dropdown menu and save the answer in the input box. If there is a problem with your account or a need to change your password in the future, the system will ask you to answer these security questions so that the system understands that you are the one commanding the change in the account.
  • Step-4: Finally, you will see the portal’s home screen after signing in with your username and the changed password. The home screen can contain various short information, notices, or news links. But you will find the ‘Menu’ option at the top left of the home screen, where you will find all the portal’s functions by clicking on it.
  • Get Your Pay Stubs: After entering the ‘Menu’ here, click on ‘Current Pay Statement’ under ‘Pay’ to get your downloadable or printable Pay Stub.
  • Get Your W2s: After entering the ‘Menu’ here, click on ‘W-2’ under ‘Pay’ to get your downloadable or printable W2s.
  • Note: Here, you will find the button for Download and Print at the top right side below the screen’s menu bar.

Disclaimer: The CMC (Community Medical Center) and CMC (Community Medical Center) logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Community Medical Center.

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