Barnes & Noble Pay Stubs & W2s

Barnes & Noble, an iconic American bookseller and a Fortune 1000 company, is renowned for having the largest number of retail outlets in the United States. As of October 2023, it operates 592 stores across all 50 states. Known for its large retail outlets, many featuring a café with Starbucks coffee, the company sells books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and more. Barnes & Noble is also a leader in digital media, offering NOOK® e-readers and a vast array of digital content. Additionally, it provides publishing and self-publishing services. The company has a history of innovation in retail and digital media, and it seeks passionate, creative team members across various fields like retail, merchandising, publishing, marketing, technology, and finance. Previously, Barnes & Noble also managed college textbook stores, which were spun off as Barnes & Noble Education (BNED) in 2015, now a separate entity operating 760 college bookstores and e-commerce sites. This article will focus on guiding Barnes & Noble employees on how to retrieve their pay stubs and tax documents through HR Connect or the UltiPro Self-Service Portal, which is the main topic of our discussion.

How do you access Barnes & Noble Pay Stubs & W2s online?

Barnes & Noble employees, both current and former, can easily access their pay stubs and tax forms online. The process, however, differs based on the employee’s status with the company.

For Current Employees:

Current employees must use the HR Connect portal or UltiPro system through ADFS for login. The initial login requires authentication:

    Initial Login: Visit and go to the Barnes & Noble College ADFS Login Page. Enter your username as Corp\SXXXXXXXXX (‘S’ followed by your 9-digit ID) and your password.

  • Username: Enter as Corp\SXXXXXXXXX. Avoid using an email address.
  • Password: Use your accelerator password, or for new users, use ‘WelcomeXXXX’ (XXXX being the last four digits of your SSN).

    Authentication: On the Ulti Authentication Page, enter your birthdate, employee ID, and last name. Your birthdate should be in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

    Email Confirmation: Check your email for a confirmation link. Click it to access the HR Connect Home Page.

    Password Update: New users should update their default password via the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) site at

For Former Employees:

Former employees will access their information through a different URL and should use Chrome, Safari, or Edge for better compatibility.

  • Login: Go to Use your Employee ID as your username and a default password, which combines your 5-digit ZIP code, 4-digit birth year, and BNED without spaces or punctuation.
  • Security Setup: You’ll need to create a new password and set up security questions for future password resets.

Accessing Pay Stubs and Tax Forms:

Once logged in, employees can navigate their pay and tax information as follows:

  • Pay Statement: Go to the ‘myself’ tab and then to the ‘Pay’ tab. Current pay stubs can be found under ‘Current Pay Statement,’ and historical stubs under ‘Pay History’.
  • Tax Statement: For W2 forms, click on the W-2 icon on the home page or select ‘Myself’ and then ‘W-2’ from the dropdown menu. You can view, download, or print your W-2 from here.

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