Stater Bros Pay Stubs & W2s

Stater Bros. Markets, founded in 1936 by twin brothers Cleo and Leo Stater in Yucaipa, California, has grown into Southern California’s largest privately owned supermarket chain. It began with a modest down payment for a single market and expanded significantly, including a notable acquisition of 43 Albertsons and Lucky supermarkets in 1999. The company, which made its Fortune 500 debut in 2006, operates 172 stores in Southern California. Focused on the Inland Empire region, its presence extends to San Diego County, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. Jack H. Brown, a key figure in the company’s history, led Stater Bros. for over three decades. Known for its commitment to employees by offering extensive training and benefits, Stater Bros. was recognized by Forbes for exceptional job security. With a history of evolving slogans, its current tagline is “Where you Always Get More…For Less”, emphasizing its dedication to value. This article is designed to guide Stater Bros. Markets employees on how to access their pay stubs and tax forms conveniently. It aims to provide clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure that employees can easily obtain these important documents, which are essential for personal financial management and compliance with tax regulations. The focus is on simplifying the process, making it accessible and user-friendly for all Stater Bros. staff members.

Access Stater Bros Pay Stubs & W2s at Employee Kiosk

Stater Bros. Markets has implemented a user-friendly employee kiosk system to streamline the distribution of pay stubs and provide easy access to payroll information for its employees. This kiosk, which is part of Stater Bros’s internal network, serves as a central repository for all payment-related data, including pay stubs, leave balances and other payroll details.

Stater Bros provides desks and computers for corporate and management-level employees to access this system. For store employees who do not have dedicated computers or desks, computer kiosks are conveniently located in break rooms. In the absence of a break room computer, employees can use the receiver computer, with assistance from customer service representatives or managers, to access and manage their personal payroll information.

Upon logging into the kiosk, the “Employee Profile” screen appears, displaying the biographical data on file with the payroll office. Employees can view their paycheck stub summary by clicking on the “Payslip” button. This summary not only provides details about the paycheck but also displays leave days used during the pay period along with their remaining balances.

Additionally, the kiosk features a “Notification of Deposit” directly below the pay slip summary. Employees have the option to print a copy of this notice for their records by clicking on the “Print Pay Slip” button.

Employees must log out of the kiosk after accessing their information to ensure the confidentiality and security of their personal data. Failing to log out could potentially leave their personal information accessible to subsequent users of the computer. This system reflects Stater Bros.’s commitment to providing employees with secure and convenient access to their essential payroll information.

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