Arcosa Pay Stubs & W2s

Arcosa, Inc. is a growth-oriented supplier and also manufacturer of infrastructure-related products and services. The Company has organizations with driving situations in construction, energy, and transportation markets with yearly incomes over $1B.  Arcosa reports its financial lead to three primary service sections: the Construction Products Group, the Energy Equipment Group, and the Transportation Products Group. The Company’s stock is exchanged on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ACA.  Arcosa’s brand new corporate headquarters workplace is located at Ross Tower in the core of Downtown Dallas and within walking range to Klyde Warren Park.

Payroll Information

Arcosa, Inc has consistently paid attention to its duty to the climate. The Company offers Paperless Employee by CCI Plus, a self-service portal for all associates regarding current patterns. Through Paperless Employee (payroll provider), the Company gives you admittance to your earnings statements and original W-2 forms 24 hours out of every day, seven days per week.  All direct deposit employees don’t get paper pay stubs.  Instead, they, together with those employees who accept live paychecks, can see and print their stubs from a secure Paperless Employee website.  All W-2 forms are accessible to workers through Paperless Employee too.

Instructions to Register:

To access this online framework, You may begin your enlistment cycle quickly at by tapping the “Create Account” button.

Your Employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth are required for Account Authentication. In the following steps, you will be prompted to complete a short enrollment measure. You should enter personal, contact, and security data, answer a couple of security questions and make a userID and password.  Your password must be in any event eight characters in length and must contain one letter at any rate, and it is possible that one number or one unique character. Additionally, your password is case sensitive.

 After finishing the enrollment cycle, you may access your pay statements at You will have the option to view your paystubs after your first direct deposit is prepared through the organization’s Payroll.

Historical Payroll Information

Arcosa employees can access their historical payslips (before 2018) and also historic W-2s (before 2018) in Trinity’s CCI plus self-service portal. To access your Payslips and also W-2 forms released before 2018, please follow the following steps-.

  1. Arcosa employees who were Trinity employees must access prior pay statements and W-2s at
  2. Log in with your userID and password. If you have not a user ID and password, you will need to create an account.
  3. Adhere to the guidelines explained in Instructions to Register.

View Pay Statement & W2s

1. View the left side of the website. You ought to see “Pay Statements” and “Year-End Tax Statements” under the Home menu

2.Click on “Pay Statements,” and when the web page is loading up, you will see one of the most current of your check stubs. Click on check stubs and pick choose a conveyance method. There is Downloading as PDF, fax, just as mail alternative.

3.Snap-on ” Year-End Tax Statements,” and when the page is loaded, you will see the most recent of your W2 form. Click on 2020 W-2 as well as choose a delivery method. There is Downloading as PDF, fax, and also mail alternatives.

We hope you will enjoy this convenient guide. We respect the chance to provide you with these exciting guidelines for viewing your payment information as well as tax info.


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