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Staff Management Group is a leading staffing short-term within the NJ-new jersey territory devoted to temporary staffing and contracts to employ the lighting and clerical industries. Temporary staffing services empower organizations to encourage inclusion during peak workloads, personnel for limited projects and awarded contracts, and protect short-term absences due to the holiday, PTO, pregnancy leave, and extra. With more than 30 years of involvement, SMG gives customers staffing arrangements and modified projects for the circulation, manufacturing, production, assembly, and surroundings being clerical. This article is intended to help you get to the PayStub Portal site to see your acquiring earning statements. This article also gives step-by-step guidance, so if you follow the advice – you will use it as an advanced user.

SMG’s PayStub Portal

Online admittance to your pay statements and W-2’s: All SMG associates can access their paycheck that is current stub complete detail, in addition to a history of wages and W-2’s twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, via SMG’s PayStub Portal powered by First Data Corporation.

PayStub Portal permits employees to view their pay information on the internet on PayStub Portal’s secure webpage. Earning statements are available for seeing and can be printed or conserved in an additional style, such as PDF files. Pay information continues to be ready to accept workers for three years. All SMG associates are required to register regarding the PayStub Portal internet site to view their earnings statements. You can retrieve your PIN using the “Forgot your PIN?” link; if you have already registered and no longer remember your User ID or PIN, please use your SSN without dashed as a login ID.

PayStub Portal Registration Instructions

To register for SMG’s PayStub Portal, you will need to use the link located on your company website, so the process correctly recognizes that you are creating an account with the Staff Management Group. Any web browser should work!. Listed below are ten simple steps to accessing your paystub information with SMG’s PayStub Portal:

  1. The web address for the SMG’s PayStub Portal website:
  2. You have to register first if you should be logging on the very first time. To start the enrollment procedure, go through the “First Visit? Register Now” website link.
  3. Provide your personal information such as your complete SSN without dashes, birth date (only month and date), plus the final three digits of the Social Security Number. This information is necessary for verifying your identity. Go through the “Submit” button.
  4. Then be prompted to make a four digits PIN if the entered information is correct, you are going to. The PIN has to be a number only.
  5. Once enrolled, do the accompanying to sign on to see your paystubs portal.
  6. Go to SMG’s PayStub Portal website again.
  7. Enter your full SSN without dashes and the four digits PIN. Click on the “Sign In” button.
  8. Select Notification Options: SMG associates can be notified by email and text messages when pay stubs can be obtained online. To do this, workers have to manually set this option in PayStub Portal to receive this email or text messages. To create, go through the “Email and Text messages” tab, enter your current email address and phone number, and then finish the confirmation procedure.
  9. Click on the “View Pay Stubs” tab to view and print the current pay statements.
  10. Click on a check date to review a particular period’s pay stub.

Need Assistance

If you need help with these directions, get a mistake message at any progression all the while, or have any worries whenever you are signed in, it would be ideal if you contact your payroll team for assistance. If you would like to hire an expert freelancer, you can make an appointment by sending a text message (HELP ME- SMG) to +1 315 960 8595. Our expert will reply within an hour.


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