Allina Health Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Allina Health Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

The contribution of science to human life is immense. Human civilization dreams of a better and brighter future by relying on science. Everything from tiny needles to spaceships is a gift of science. Humans depend entirely on scientific discoveries in the present age for everything from communication systems to business organizations. The payroll management of the human resource department of various business organizations is also dependent on science these days. Because all for-profit and non-profit organizations now manage payroll and issue Pay Stubs and W2 Statements to employees electronically via the self-service web portals with advanced technology in favor of modern science. Allina Health is a not-for-profit organization in the hospital and healthcare industry, founded four decades ago and today provides healthcare with comfort, compassion, and efficiency through 12 hospitals and 90+ clinics. A workforce of more than 30,000 always delivers exceptional care by addressing various challenges, with health being the highest priority. This Allina Health organization uses the Workday Web Portal (for distributing pay stubs) and the Tax Form Management System (for distributing W2s) for its large workforce.

Access your Allina Health Pay Stub on Workday Web Portal

  • To access the Workday Web Portal to view Allina Health pay stubs, you must first log in to the Allina Health Application Portal (also known as the Allina Health Private Network), and its access link is It is where all your personal and employment-related confidential information is available under separate systems like AKN (Allina Knowledge Network), Outlook, Workday, and other Systems. Employees can easily access it from Allina Health’s office computers. Allina Health authorities will make you an authorized user through the registration process in this system and will provide your User ID and Password.
  • Your Allina Health Application Portal access link is
  • You must have an external authenticator to log in to this Application Portal from a non-Alina Health computer or a remote computer. If you are unaware of the external authenticator or do not know anything and cannot log in through a remote computer, please call the service desk and talk to this number (612-262-1900). No one except an authorized user can access it here, and anyone else accessing or attempting to manipulate data through unauthorized access may be subject to criminal and civil penalties.
  • After accessing the Allina Health Application Portal, all employees will receive the most up-to-date employee information from the AKN (Allina Knowledge Network), important notifications and emails in Outlook, and, most importantly, pay stubs in the Workday Web Portal.

Access Your Allina Health W2s on Tax Form Management System

  • Equifax’s Tax Form Management system is used to issue year-end tax statements or W2 statements to Allina Health employees. First, you must reach the login panel using the employer code, and only authorized users can log in to the Tax Form Management dashboard from the login panel.
  • To become an authorized user, first, you need to visit this link ( and provide the Employer Code (13602). The next step is to start the registration from the “Register Now” option on the pop-up screen. For this, you must provide the First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Date of Birth in the system and save the answer to the security question in the next step. Then complete the registration process by providing your email and phone number, and in the last step, select your User ID and create a PIN.
  • Thus, even after the registration process is over, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the system and provide “W2 Consent” to receive your W2 statement online and select “Online” as the W2 delivery option.
  • After receiving the W2 statement notification on your email or phone number (usually in the last week of January), log in with your User ID and PIN and explore your W2 statement in “My Account” from the dashboard.

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