Alabama Farmers Cooperative Pay Stubs & W2s

Alabama Farmers Cooperative Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Alabama Farmers Cooperative Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Science today is making the decaying earth fertile with fertility. Instead of the primitive technology of plows, ladders, etc., a large amount of land is being cultivated with the help of tractors in a short time, with little effort. Science is being assisted in seed production and preservation, and science is also being used in fertilizer, irrigation, etc. Science has found ways to eliminate various pests, bacterial infections, and diseases in plants and crops. After all, researching different crops has discovered better quality and higher-yielding seeds. Known as “alafarm” for short, Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC) has been in the farming industry since before World War II serving farmers in the southeastern United States with a full range of supply and marketing cooperative services. At present, alafarm is working for the benefit of its 37 member associations with the help of modern technology and is emerging as one of the largest farmer-owned enterprises. Now the company is so dependent on modern technology that all related management is done scientifically; even its payroll management, Pay Stubs, and W2s are made through UltiPro Employee Self-Service System.

Access your Alabama Farmers Cooperative Pay Stub & W2 statements on UltiPro Employee Self-Service System

  • UltiPro is a cloud or web-based human resource management system, currently known as UKG Pro, mainly used for payroll management in various businesses. It allows customization based on multiple business benefits and needs of the client organization, so its access link varies depending on the company and the needs of the company. For Alabama Farmers Cooperative employees, the access link to this system is or No worries; any link accessed will navigate you to the same sign-in page. Another thing is that there is no way to access this system until Alabama Farmers Cooperative authorities register you as an authorized user. And as soon as you are registered as an authorized user, a User Name and an Initial Password will be sent via email, or the employer will tell you directly.
  • Now try to sign in by providing your User Name and Initial Password from the portal’s sign-in page. If the User Name and Initial Password are correct, the sign-in will be successful, and immediately the UltiPro System will ask you to change the Initial Password. Change your password by following the system requirement, and if the password change is not successful, check if the requirements are not matched somewhere. Then save the answers to the three security questions. The system will have many pre-set questions; from those, you will get a chance to select three questions and save the answer. And in the future, during login from a new device or password change, the system will ask you to know these answers for identity verification.
  • Now you will have access to the UltiPro system dashboard. You will get all the necessary Menus and Options if you go to “Myself” after clicking the “Menu.” And all your payroll information and documents can be found by entering the “Pay” menu. First, check the “Direct Deposit” information and update it if necessary. Then your latest and past pay stubs are available in your “Current Pay Statements” and “Pay History,” respectively. And in “W-2,” your W2 statements will be available in year-based titles. To print or download your pay stub or W2 statement for saving, click on the title to open it. Then there are buttons for print and download on the right side of the opened document.

Disclaimer: The Alabama Farmers Cooperative and Alabama Farmers Cooperative logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc.

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