Aimbridge Hospitality Pay Stubs & W2s

Aimbridge Hospitality Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Aimbridge Hospitality Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Aimbridge Hospitality is a highly reputed third-party management company in the hospitality and hotel management industry which today has grown into a leading global hospitality company worldwide. Since its inception in 2003 with only eight hotels, the company has increased rapidly and operates more than 1,500 hotels in all fifty states across the United States and 23 countries worldwide. The key to this rapid success is that all the employees are passionate about the culture of always being the best to serve the guests exceptionally. The company is also dedicated to always maintaining its standards to be the best. Moreover, there are particular benefits to building a dynamic career in an engaging culture for employees with community impact. Along with this, a modern employee-centric payment solution for payroll management is essential for companies and employees. Aimbridge Hospitality employers are using the Ultipro System to focus on all employees’ freedom, convenience, flexibility, administrative ease, and financial well-being. That makes it easy for employers to issue employees’ Pay Stubs and W2s, digitally managing their payroll through this system.

Access your Aimbridge Hospitality Pay Statements and W2 statements on the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Aimbridge Hospitality employees can access the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal by first accessing the login page via a computer device with a stable internet connection using either or link. On reaching the login page, new employees must complete the Initial Sign-in directly with a username and default password. This username and the default password are provided to everyone after joining as there is no registration process for users. Changing the default password is mandatory upon initial sign-in to this portal, and the system will provide all the instructions.
  • However, for your convenience, I am saying the process. First, enter your default password in the “Current Password” field, create your new password in the “New Password” field, retype the password you created in the “Confirm Password” field, and finally, click the “OK” button to complete the process.
  • The only thing left to do before reaching your UltiPro dashboard is to store the answers to any three security questions in the system. The reason is to increase the security of your account, stop unauthorized access and verify your identity when changing any account information in the future. For this, you have to select one question at a time (clicking on the arrow symbol on the right side of the left input box will display the questions in the dropdown menu) and write its answer in the input box next to it. After answering the three questions and clicking on the “Continue” button, the Ultipro dashboard will appear on the screen.
  • Now, if you explore the “Myself menu,” you will get all detailed information and documents related to your personal and payroll. Here, if you need to update personal or contact information, you can enter the specific option and click on the “Edit” button to Update it. But first, you should check your direct deposit information, and usually, you will find the “Direct Deposit” option in the “Pay” menu.
  • View your Pay Stubs & W2 Statements: Everything related to payroll and taxes is updated in the “Pay” menu. Here your latest pay stub is in “Current Pay Statement,” past pay stubs are in “Pay History,” and W2 statements are updated in the “W-2” option. Click on any document to open it, and you will get detailed information; while it is open, you will get specific buttons to download (as a PDF file) and print on the top right side.

Disclaimer: The Aimbridge Hospitality and Aimbridge Hospitality logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Aimbridge Hospitality.

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