How to Get Walmart W2 As an Acetive Employee?

Walmart, Inc., founded by Sam Walton in 1962, is a global retail giant headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company operates through various segments, including Walmart U.S., Walmart International, and Sam’s Club, offering multiple products, from groceries to electronics. Initially focusing on rural areas to avoid competition with retailers like Sears and Kmart, Walmart introduced new formats such as Sam’s Club and Supercenters. By 1990, it became the largest retailer in the U.S. and expanded internationally in 1991. Although facing a sales decline after Walton died in 1992, it rebounded with its house brand, Great Value, in 1993. By 2001, Walmart had become the world’s largest corporation. In recent years, the company has ventured into e-commerce, acquiring businesses like However, its rapid growth has sparked controversy, particularly its impact on local businesses and low-wage, anti-union policies. This piece delves into Walmart employees’ steps to obtain their W2 forms.

Accessing Your Walmart W2 Form: A Step-by-Step Guide for Active Employees

Walmart, as one of the largest employers in the world, ensures that its employees receive their W-2 forms on time. The W-2 form is a crucial document that details an employee’s annual wages and tax withholdings. The IRS mandates employers to issue these forms between January 31 and February 28 each year, provided they have paid over $600 in salaries during the preceding year. If you’re an active employee at Walmart, obtaining your W-2 form can be straightforward. Whether you prefer the paper or digital version, Walmart has covered you. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you access your W-2 form from Walmart:

  • Access from OneWalmart:
    • At Work: Navigate to the OneWalmart homepage. Look for and click on the W2 link.
    • Outside Work: If you’re off-duty and wish to access your W2, first sign in to OneWalmart. To do so, click on the Walmart Spark icon at the upper-left corner of any page. After logging in, navigate to the Online Pay Statement application within OneWalmart and select the W2 link.
  • Use Single Sign-On: Active associates can use SSO (Single Sign-On). This feature can be accessed via the W2 link within the Online Pay Statement on OneWalmart.
  • Direct Portal Access: If you’re unable to use the OneWalmart portal for any reason, fret not. Head over to Use your custom User ID or set one up by clicking “Register Now.”
  • First-time User Setup: For newcomers to the portal, the system will prompt you with an option to receive your tax forms online. You can instantly view and print your W-2 and 1095c forms by selecting this. It’s a convenient choice, ensuring you can revisit and print your forms even if you misplace them or after leaving Walmart.
  • Opt for Electronic Delivery: Navigate to W-2 Delivery Options and select the “Go green” option. By doing so, you’re choosing to receive your tax forms electronically. However, if you registered for e-delivery the previous year, you can skip this step for the current year.
  • Confirm Your Consent: Before finalizing your choice for e-delivery, you must acknowledge your consent and confirm your contact details. If you opt out of e-delivery, your W-2 will be dispatched to the latest address Walmart has on file for you.
  • System Compatibility Check: Once you’ve enrolled for electronic forms, you’ll be prompted with a message indicating the completion of your enrollment. For a seamless experience, click “Test Now for System Requirements” to check if your system meets the necessary criteria.
  • Completion: If your system passes the test, a confirmation window will appear, signifying that you now have full access to your W-2 form.

Staying updated with your tax forms is vital, and Walmart makes this process easy and efficient for its active employees. Whether you’re a seasoned employee or new to the company, following the steps above will ensure you have your W-2 form ready for tax season.

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