How to Get Walmart W2 After Termination?

Walmart, Inc. is a retail and wholesale giant that operates through three main segments: Walmart U.S., Walmart International, and Sam’s Club. Founded by Samuel Moore Walton and James Lawrence Walton in 1945, the company is based in Bentonville, AR. The firm provides various products at low prices, including physical and online stores. For former employees needing their W2 forms for the year 2023, Walmart has collaborated with MyTaxForm to facilitate online access. Users can obtain their Walmart W2 by navigating the MyTaxForm portal, creating an account, or using existing credentials. Once accessed, they can retrieve, comprehend, download, and print the W2 form for tax filing purposes.

How to Access Walmart W2 After Termination?

If you were a Walmart employee who had chosen to receive W2 forms electronically, you might be in a predicament after leaving the company. Many former Walmart employees are initially concerned about how to retrieve their W2 forms post-termination. Worry not, and the process is more straightforward than you might think. While employed, you would access your W2 form through the OneWalmart Associate Portal using a single sign-on. But once your employment ends, access to this portal is also terminated. However, your W2 form can still be retrieved via the Tax Form Management web portal. Here’s how you can retrieve it from the Tax Form Management web portal.

Steps to Access Your Walmart W2 as a Former Employee:

  • Visit the Tax Form Management Portal: Navigate to the secure website,
  • Locate Walmart: You can do this by inputting employer code 10108 or simply typing in “Walmart.” Once done, hit ‘Login’.
  • Registration: If you haven’t registered before, click on ‘Register Now!’ and then select ‘Click here to register’.
  • Input Your Details: Enter your First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Date of Birth (ensure you follow the format mm/dd/yyyy). After entering this information, click ‘continue.’
  • Address Details: The following prompt will ask for your Home Address, City, State, and Zip. After filling this in, move ahead by clicking ‘continue.’
  • Contact Information: You will now be asked to provide your Personal Phone and Email Address. Enter the necessary details and continue.
  • Verification: Choose the radio button next to your phone number and decide whether you’d like a Text or Voice verification. After making your choice, hit ‘Send Code’.
  • Enter Verification Code: Key in the one-time passcode you receive on your phone. If you face any issues or don’t get a passcode, there’s an option saying, ‘Didn’t receive a one-time passcode?’. Use that link for assistance.
  • Create a User ID: Craft a unique User ID. Be cautious about case sensitivity. After creating, check its availability. If you get a green check mark, it indicates your chosen ID is accepted.
  • Set Your Password: Formulate a secure password, confirm it, and save it.
  • Device Memory Selection: You’ll be asked if you wish the device to remember your credentials. Make your choice and proceed.
  • Electronic Tax Form: If you want immediate online access to your tax forms (both W2 and 1095c) upon their release, opt for online delivery. It’s faster than waiting for a paper copy and offers the flexibility to revisit and reprint if needed.
  • Consent: To opt for electronic delivery, you must accept certain disclosures. Once you read and agree, click ‘Accept & Continue’.
  • Confirm Contact Details: Ensure at least one email address is on file. You will be able to add or edit the email addresses associated with the account.
  • Address Confirmation: Pick the address you’d like to keep on file. Confirm your choice.
  • Finalizing Electronic Enrollment: A confirmation message will indicate your successful enrollment. To check if you meet the system requirements to view your documents, click ‘Test Now for System Requirements.’
  • Access Granted: If everything is set up correctly, you’ll be granted access to your W2 and other tax-related documents.

Following these steps meticulously, former Walmart employees can easily access their W2 forms after leaving the company. It offers the convenience of electronic access, making the process streamlined and efficient.

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