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Gordmans Employees: You may now view or print original copies of your Form W-2s for the current year and the past two years thru Tax Form Management. By state law, you must give consent for electronic delivery to receive your Form W-2 online. If you have already consented, it is not necessary to consent again. But if you have not consented during the initial login, you may consent following the consent guide below. If you do not agree to view your W-2 online, your W-2 will be mailed to the address provided to Human Resource on or before 31st January of each year.

How to Access Your W2s Online
To access your W2s online, you will need to access the Tax Form Management at https://mytaxform.com and enter the Gordmans employer ID (11551). Username (full social security number without dashes) and PIN. If the default PIN is now working, you may have already change it during the security enrollment. If you forgot your PIN, click on Forgot PIN locate in below of the PIN entry box of the login screen. The PIN recovery tools will be asked to enter the answers to six security questions that you have selected and provide an answer during security enrollment. Then the system will email your password to you. If you forgot both of your PIN and security questions or you will need to reset your account, you must contact your payroll office or call a Paperless Pay representative at 1-877-325-9239. He/she will be able to reset your account.

Consent to Online Delivery
To consent, click on W-2 service on the main menu and select “Consent for online delivery.
Read the W-2 consent for online delivery instructions and click the checkbox “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery.” Click on Accept and Continue.
You may select to have an automatic email notification sent to you when your current Form W-2 is available in the next step. Therefore, set up and verify the notification email and phone number and click on Confirm and Submit.
Now that your consent is set click on Test Now to ensure that the pdf file will open.

Don’t have internet access?
If you don’t have internet access, you can request a reprint be sent to you. You will need your SSN and PIN if you call.
1. Call 1-877-325-9239
2. Follow the prompts to enter your SSN and PIN.
3. Choose the option you want to hear or talk with a representative.

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