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JBS Paperless Pay

JBS Employees: view, save or print your pay stubs, manage direct deposit account and W4 tax withholding from the home or anywhere within United States or the continental United Sates. All current JBS employees will access the Paperless Pay system via the internet using their 8 digits employee ID and PIN. If you need any historical payroll information, it is also available on the Paperless Pay online system. Even you may access and view a maximum of three years of your payroll history.

Accessing your Paperless Pay account

To access your paperless pay account, open a web browser and enter the following URL:

The system will displays the Paperless Pay home page, where you will be asked to enter your employer code. JBS employer code is 11543. Click on Continue.

Now you are on the JBS@paperlesspay home page, Click on Click Here to Login.

Enter your Employee ID which is 8 digit. If your employee ID is lower than 8 digit you need to include leading zero. Click Continue.

Enter your PIN number which is 8 digits and click on Log In.

First-Time Access
Your Paperless Pay account is already created by an administration. You just have to active it by logging in. The first time you access your Paperless Pay account you will be prompted to security enrollment and update your temporary or default password.

Viewing your Payroll Statement
As previously noted, you may view your payroll statement thru Paperless Pay account. Once logged into the Paperless Pay system account, from Main Menu click on the Pay Statements. It will show a list pay stubs which is arranged by date. Click the pay stub you wish to view.

Need Help?
If you are experiencing problems to viewing your pay stubs or need technical support, call a Paperless Pay representative at 1-877-325-9239.
If you are experiencing any error in your pay/earning, contact with your Human Resource office or call at 1-970-506-8000.

Paperless Pay

Gordmans Paperless Pay

Gordmans Employees: Through Paperless Pay your current and detailed pay stubs and tax statements are accessible online for you to view and print. All of your future pay stubs and W-2s can be viewed online for up to 3 years. The oldest pay stub will be deleted once it is older than 3 years. You can also change your direct deposited account, and update W-4 withdrawal information. Basically at the time you are hired, you will fill out the direct deposit enrollment forms and w-4 forms but you can change these information whenever you need it through the Paperless Pay portal. On the opposite side, if you have not consented to receive your W-2 online, your W-2 will be mailed to you on January 31st.

Access Paperless Pay
In order to log on your account, you will need to access the Paperless Pay system at and enter the Gordmans employer ID (11551). Username (full social security number without dashes) and PIN you have updated upon security enrollment.

Forgot your PIN
If you forgot your PIN, click on Forgot PIN locate in in below of PIN entry box of Log In screen. The PIN recovery tools will be asked you to enter the answers of six security questions that you have select and provide answer during security enrollment. Then the system will email your password to you.

Forgot both PIN and Security Questions

If you forgot both of your PIN and security questions or you will need to reset your account, you must contact with your payroll office or call a Paperless Pay representative at 1-877-325-9239. He/she will be able to reset your account.

New user
If this is login for first time, you can log on this system with your SSN and temporary password received previously via email or letter from the payroll department which is combine with the last four digits of SSN and year of birth. Once logged in, you will prompted to change your temporary password and complete the security enrollment.

Paperless Pay

Good Year Paperless Pay

As a part of Good Year family, you can now access your payroll information using either your computer or your phone. Paperless Pay is a website that contains your payroll information. From Paperless Pay, you can view or print your own copies of the following:
• Pay stubs- current and historical.
• Form W-2s- current and historical
• W-4 tax withholding- submit w-4 tax withholding information.
• Personal information- add or update your personal information.
Effecting June 27th, you are no longer able to make changes in your payroll information via ePay, but you can make changes via Good Year self-service portal.

Accessing your Payroll information using Paperless Pay
With Paperless Pay, you can review your current and past pay stubs. Pay stubs for more recent are available on the evening before the day that your pay occurs. You can be downloaded as pdf file and printed at any time. To access your account, simply follow the instructions shown below-
1. Open your web browser and go to the Paperless Pay home page at
2. Enter Good Year employer code for Paperless Pay system which is 10521 and click on Continue.
3. Paperless Pay @Goodyear login page will display. Click on Click Here to Login.
4. Enter your full SSN without dashes to log in, click Continue.
5. Enter your PIN number and click on Log in. your account dashboard will display.

First Time Log On-
New employees are able to access the Paperless Pay system through the log on process. The first time you log on, you will be asked to complete security enrollment. Then you will be prompted to update your temporary PIN.

If you need assistance using Paperless Pay, call a Good Year associate service center representative at 1-884-449-4772.
You can also call a Paperless Pay representative at 1-877-325-9239.


Avaya Paperless Pay

Paperless Pay- Effective October 2010, PaperlessPay@AVAYA has been allowed employees to access their online payment statements and online W-2 services. Here are some benefits of Paperless Pay:
1. You can access your pay statement online before the money is deposited to your account or payroll card.
2. You can access original W-2 at least one week faster before the mail delivery.
3. You have the ability to download in PDF format of your pay and tax statements.
4. You will be notified by phone and email when your pay statement and tax statement is ready to view.
5. You have the ability to make changes to your personal information and contact information also.
6. Paperless pay tracks the history of all your pay statement and tax statements so you can access any pay statements and Form W-2 any time.

Avaya Paperless Pay Employer Code:
To access the Paperless Pay system, you must use an employer code or domain extension.
Employer code: AVAYA Paperless Pay Employer code is 11203
Domain Extension: type avaya after Paperless Pay domain address. For example,

Paperless Pay Login-
You can access PaperlessPay@AVAYA using your Social Security Number and PIN. A step by step tutorial for logging your Paperless Pay account is available below-
1. Visit AVAYA’s Paperless Pay website:
2. Enter your Employer code 11203 and click Continue.
3. Click on Click Here to Login.
4. Enter your Social security Number without dashes and click Continue.
5. Enter your PIN number and click Login.
6. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view and print your pay stubs and tax statements.

Never had used before?
In order to log in a new employee must be used social security number and temporary PIN which provided by Human Resource office. Once logged in using temporary password, security enrollment should be completed by using the required information. Once the security enrollment process has been completed, you will be logged out and login again using new password that you have create during security enrollment.