KPAY- KFORCE Payroll Time Entry

KFORCE Employees; KFORECE payroll time entry applications are accessed through the web called KPAY. It is the process to record the time you worked. According to the K-FORCE payroll office, a time card must be entered each Monday for every K-FORCE employee. If you can’t use KPAY to enter worked time, you must contact as soon as possible the K-FORCE corporate help desk at 1-866-807-5074. After the employees enter time, it will rout to the client’s approval and HR approval in the final process. You will also view your paperless timesheet in KPAY. The following directions are designed to access your KPAY account.

Access KPAY Account

Access KPAY using the Kforce on the assignment portal. Once if you are in Kforce on the assignment portal, click on KPAY under the My Pay tab. This link takes you to the KPAY web portal.

You can also go to directly at

Log in to the KPAY web portal using your user ID and password that has been created by your Payroll officer. (Check your email address for temporary password and user name).

Accept the Terms and user agreements- select the checkbox and click Accept.
Change your password- enter the current password at first, then the new password of your choice. Enter the captcha text and click on Submit changes.
Now you are taken to the Time Card History page.
To enter your new time, click on Create Timecard. Enter your worked hours, review your entered data, and submit your time card.
If you have any technical issues, call at 866-807-5074.



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