Zoes Kitchen Pay Stubs & W2

Zoe’s Kitchen’s pay stubs and tax statements are now online through Ultipro. The Ultipro system allows you to access your pay and tax statements at any time- 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This tutorial provides information on how to access Ultipro.

1. Your work computer or laptop using One Login/Life WORKS.
2. Your devices, such as laptops, computers, and mobile devices, use the Ultipro website.
3. Using the Ultipro app

Access using One Login/Life WORKS

As an employee of Zoes Kitchen, you can access the Ultipro System with One Login. Follow the following instructions to activate One Login and get single sign-on access to Ultipro.
1. Go to the One Login Life WORKS site at https://zoeskitchen.onelogin.com/login
2. login with your username and password, which is used for logging on to your work computer. If you experience any problems logging into Life WORKS, call Zoes Kitchen IT support service at 205-225-9111 or email helpdesk@zoeskitchen.com.
3. Click on the Ultipro icon.
4. Enter the required information, such as date of birth, employee ID, etc., and press OK.
5. Then you will see an account verified message, press OK.
6. Open your email and click on the activation link to activate your account.
7. You will be prompted to change your password for direct Login.
8. Now, your Ultipro dashboard will appear.

Access using the Ultipro website
You will access the Ultipro website once you have changed your password for direct access. You will not access directly to Ultipro until active through One Login/Life WORKS. Once activated, visit the Ultipro website, and log in with your user ID, which is the same as the Life WORKS user ID and the password you have changed upon activation through Life WORKS. If this is the first time you log on, you will be prompted to choose and provide answers to a series of security questions.

Using the Ultipro App
Download and install the Ultipro App on your mobile device from Google Pay stores or Apple stores.
Enter the company access code, which is –zoeskitchen
Click on Sign In, and log in with the user ID and password you use to log on to the Ultipro website.


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  1. I worked there for 6 months. About 2 almost 3 years ago. I still haven’t got my W2 yet and i have been trying to get it every year this is my last year i can turn it in!!! I called my manager multiple of time. the first time he gave me a number. that was out of services the next time he wasn’t around and every time after that i couldn’t get a hold of anyone about it. i talked with a different manager from a different store she told me a website but never said what website if someone will please get back in touch with me about me!!!!


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