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White Lodging, founded in 1985 by Bruce W. White, is a prominent American hotel management company headquartered in Merrillville, Indiana. Recognized as one of the nation’s largest privately held hospitality firms, it emphasizes curated urban and lifestyle properties. By 2022, White Lodging managed about 50 hotels, with notable locations in cities like Austin, Chicago, and Denver. Over the years, it expanded to include 40 award-winning restaurants and ten leading rooftop bars. In 2017 the company divested 82 suburban hotel management contracts, halving its portfolio. Despite past challenges, including data security breaches in 2014 and 2015, White Lodging has maintained an excellent reputation. In 2021, it ranked second in the J.D. Power Guest Satisfaction Benchmark for third-party management companies. A trendsetter in the industry, White Lodging has consistently achieved high guest satisfaction scores and industry-leading profit margins. So far, we have briefly learned about White Lodging. Now we will know how White Lodging employees access their pay stubs and w2 forms online, whether they are hourly, Corporate Associates, or terminated employees.

Accessing Your Pay Stubs: A Step-by-Step Guide for Active and Furloughed Field Managers and Corporate Associates

Whether you’re an active Field Manager, a furloughed employee, or a Corporate Associate at White Lodging, accessing your pay stubs is a straightforward process. This section provides comprehensive instructions on how to reach them using the Lawson ESS system, either via VPN or Citrix.

1. Via VPN (Recommended for Power Users and Corporate Office Managers)

The VPN method is for you if you’re not located at the White Lodging Corporate Office but need regular access to Lawson.


Initiating VPN Connection:

  • Locate the network icon on the lower right of your computer screen.
  • Click on the network icon and select WLS VPN.
  • If WLS VPN isn’t directly accessible from there, navigate to “Network and Internet Settings.” Once inside, go to VPN and click ‘Connect’ on the WLS VPN.


  • After selecting WLS VPN, expect a DUO push for authentication.

Access Lawson:

  • With the VPN active, you can now directly access the Infor Lawson Portal.

2. Via Citrix (For Accessing Paystub through ESS)

This method allows users to get into the Lawson system to check their pay stubs via the Citrix environment.


Navigating to Citrix:

  • Enter the URL: https://citrix.wlscorp.com/vpn/index.html.

Logging into Citrix:

  • Use your standard White Lodging network credentials for login.
  • Upon entering your details, you’ll receive a DUO push for authentication.

Accessing Lawson through Citrix:

  • Once inside Citrix, click on the plus sign to reveal available applications.
  • Select “All Apps” and the “New Lawson, RISE” application. This app will be added to your home Canvas.

Navigating to the S3 Environment:

  • From here, you can proceed to the S3 environment via Citrix, enabling you to view your paystub through the Employee Self-Service (ESS).

3. Accessing Paystubs via INFOR Lawson

Here’s the breakdown of steps to directly access your pay stubs in the Lawson ESS system:

Login Process:

  • Head over to wllawson.com or wlrise.com.
  • Click on the nine-box icon in the upper left-hand corner, and select the Infor Lawson icon.

Locating Your Paystubs:

  • You’ll be redirected to the Lawson S3 system.
  • Navigate through the following sequence: Bookmarks > WLS ESS > Pay > Pay Checks.
  • A list of your paychecks will appear. If you wish to view older paychecks, use the scroll bar.

Viewing and Printing Paystubs:

  • Click on the date of the paycheck you want to view in detail.
  • To print, click the “Printable Pay Stub” link within the paycheck details.
  • It pops up in a new window. Hit the “Print” button in the upper right corner to print.

How Former or Inactive Associates Can Access Their Pay Stubs?

Whether you’ve recently left your job or are currently inactive at the company, accessing your pay stubs is essential for several reasons, including financial planning and tax filing. If you were previously affiliated with WLSCorp, the process of retrieving your pay stubs has been streamlined for convenience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step-by-step Guide to Accessing Pay Stubs:

Initiating the Process:

  • Start by visiting https://employeedocs.wlscorp.com/auth/login.
  • Upon landing on the page, change the Authentication option to ‘mhcKBA.’ Once selected, a ‘Register User’ link will emerge.


  • Click on the ‘Register User’ link.
  • Fill in your personal details: the last four digits of your SSN, Date of Birth, WL Employee ID number, and the Security Code.
  • It’s important to note that the Security Code should be input as its numeric value. For instance, “Five Hundred Ninety-Three” should be entered as “593”.
  • This information gets cross-checked against what’s stored in the RISE database for validation purposes.

Email Verification:

  • Proceed to input a valid email address (which will serve as your username) in both username fields provided and submit.
  • Check your email for a validation notification and click the link within it to finalize the registration process.

Setting Your Password:

  • The system will again ask for some of your personal details for verification purposes.
  • Post-verification, you’ll be prompted to set a password for your account.

Optional Secondary Email:

  • You’ll have an option to input a secondary email address. If you’d rather not provide one, simply check the box indicating “I do not want to store a secondary email address on file” and proceed.


  • Utilize the credentials (username and password) you’ve just set to log into the system.


  • Upon entering your credentials, you’ll receive a verification code in your email. Retrieve this code, input it into the prompted space on the site, and submit.

Navigating to Pay Stubs:

  • Once logged in, hover over the ‘My Documents’ drop-down menu and select ‘Pay Stubs.’
  • A list of your pay stubs will be displayed. You can either view them individually or compile multiple stubs into one document. To do the latter, use the checkboxes next to the Document Date column and then click ‘View Selected.’

Viewing and Managing Your Pay Stubs:

  • Upon selecting a pay stub, it will pop up in a new window.
  • From here, you have options to save or print your pay stub.
  • If you’d like to toggle between pay stubs, use the ‘Previous Document’ and ‘Next Document’ functions.

How to Access Your White Lodging W-2s through ADP?

White Lodging, renowned for its commitment to its employees, has made access to essential documents like W-2s seamless. In collaboration with ADP, one of the leading providers of human capital management solutions, White Lodging ensures its employees can easily obtain their W-2 statements via ADP’s dedicated web portal.

For Existing ADP Users:

If you have already registered and accessed the ADP portal in the past:

  • Navigate to ADP’s W-2 portal.
  • Use your present User ID and Password to log in and access your W-2 statements.

For New ADP Users:

If this is your maiden journey into the ADP portal, the following step-by-step guide will assist you:

  • Visit ADP’s Digital W2 Portal: Head to the ADP login page using this link.
  • Start Your Registration: Find and click the “New User? Get Started” button on the login page. When asked for a Registration or passcode, input WLS1-W2WL to proceed.
  • Validate Your Identity: Security is paramount. Fill in your personal details, including your full name, Social Security Number (SSN), and employee ID. Once done, click “Continue.”
  • Update Contact Details: Make sure your email and phone number are current. For U.S. users, upon providing a mobile number, a verification message will be sent from “90206”. Respond with the given code to verify.
  • Set Up Your Password: The system will generate a user ID ending in “@WLS1” for you. Keep a note of it. Then, set up a unique password for your portal access.
  • Security Questions: As an additional layer of security, you’ll need to select and answer three security questions.
  • Choose W-2 Delivery Method: White Lodging provides an electronic option for accessing your W-2. If you’re eco-friendly or prefer a digital copy, grant consent for this electronic mode. A hard copy will be dispatched to your registered address if you’d rather have a hard copy.

Post-registration, whenever you need your W-2 statements, click on the “W2 Service” option, followed by “Go paperless.” Your statements will be available for viewing and printing.

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