Tyson Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

Tyson Foods has selected the service of Paperless Employee, a courtesy of CIC Plus, to furnish the E-Forms, pay statements, and year-end tax statements. The Paperless Employee system makes it easy for Tyson Foods employees to access their payroll information immediately. Therefore, if you wish to view and print your pay stubs and W2s statement, you must log in to the Paperless Employee system.

Benefits of Paperless Employee Online System-

  1. Access from anywhere at your convenience time.
  2. Fast and simple steps to create an account.
  3. You can quickly access your E-Forms, Pay statement, and W2 statement and download them anytime.
  4. You can also request for correction or reissue of your W2 statement.  

How to View Your Pay Stubs and W2 Records

  • Access Paperless Employee self-service by going to https://www.paperlessemployee.com/tyson
  • Log in with your user ID and password. Once you have successfully logged into the Paperless Employee system, click on EForms Center, Pay Statements, or Year-End Tax Statements (according to your needs).
  • If you are a new user, you must create an account before using this service. To create an account, click on Create Account.
  • In the next step, enter your Employee ID, SSN, and DOB, then click on the Authenticate & Create Account button.
  • Enter your account name, create your user ID and password in the following step, and click on Create Account.
  • You have to select and provide the answer to three security questions in the following steps. Once offered, click on Save Security Questions.   
  • Next, enter your email address and cell phone number. You also have to validate your email address with the validation code.
  • Set up the delivery notification options and click “Save Notification Option Settings.” Once you have finished this step, you have created an account in Paperless Employee System.
  • Click on the Pay Statements menu from the account dashboard, select the checkbox “Show all pay statements for the selected year,” and select a year from the drop-down menu. A list of pay statements will then be displayed with the check date, check number, gross pay, deductions, and net pay. If you want to download, select the box “Download/Print Full Statements.”
  •  To view W2s- click on Year-End Tax Statements, select the tax form, select the delivery option, and click on “Review & Complete Order.” You will see the order confirmation number and price in the next step. If you select the download pdf option under the delivery method, there is no priest click on the Download link. Remember, the download link will only be active for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will need to place a new order.

How to verify your employment

As an employee of Tyson Foods, you can use the Work Number, a TALX Corporation division, to access necessary or complete Employment Verification. The Tyson Foods company code 11480 is required. For more information about employment verification, call 1-800-367-2884.



17 thoughts on “Tyson Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. I need information on how to log in to see my paycheck stub. Thank you, Benny Ashcraft Pine Bluff Ar. plant

      1. I cannot gain access to my paperless employee account. It keeps telling me the information is incorrect and it will not send me a text or email. What do I do?

  2. I am about to start working for Tyson as a material handler in the cooler. Can anybody tell me how long till id get my first paycheck? Id be starting Thursday Dec 27th.

  3. I need a verification for my termination date from Tyson 4 my rent office stating that I’m no longer working there in the date of my termination

    1. Paper copy of W-2 forms will be mailed to the permanent address of record for those who did not create an account at Paperless Employee system to receive Form W-2 electronically.

  4. Hey my name is lavonda Booze and i can’t remember my info from last year to login to receive my W-2 so how do i reset it don’t have same phone number or email to go to reset password help me out

  5. Can I please find out how to access the w2 forms from my phone to file my taxes? I says I cannot download PDF until February 4th.

  6. Can’t access my paperlessemployeetyson/login info or reset my password for two days now keep saying invalid even with the codes they giving me please help

  7. I have a new phone and don’t have my old email that I used last year how do I get my w-2 using my new email address

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