TJ Maxx Pay Stubs

TJ Maxx Pay Stubs

How to Access TJ Maxx Pay Stubs Online?

A significant invention of science is electricity. Human civilization has advanced rapidly in the welfare of electricity. Today nothing can be imagined without electricity. Later, with the creation of paper and the printing press, science expanded significantly in various fields, especially information storage. Now modern science has moved far toward digital transformation. The process of going from paper to paperless is a digital transformation. Currently, all the big companies of the world are entirely leaning towards digital transformation in the storage and management of their business, employee, payroll, and other important information. And as a result, various payroll and employee self-service portals have come into the market, which most companies are now using, and employees can easily collect their Pay Stubs by themselves. Moving forward with the promise or mission of providing excellent value to all customers, TJ Maxx is a subsidiary brand of TJX Companies. They have been operating large department store chains in the US and Canada for nearly five decades, following a business model that is remarkably flexible and adaptable. Everything within the company has been digitally transformed to provide payroll information and pay stubs to all employees through the UltiPro Payroll Portal.

Access your TJ Maxx Pay Stub on UltiPro Payroll Portal

  • Since TJ Maxx operates its department stores in the US and Canada, it has a large workforce in both countries. They are given access to the portal through separate URLs.
  • For American employees:
  • For Canadian employees:
  • After joining TJ Maxx, you will be provided a User Name and Password to login into the portal by the company or collect from your Manager or HR team. Then complete the initial login to UltiPro Payroll Portal through the specified URL according to the respective location (America or Canada).
  • Since you were given a default password from the company along with your username, you should change that default password for the security of your account, and the system will guide you. After understanding the instructions properly, follow them correctly and proceed. To further increase your account’s security, select three challenge questions, save the answers and then reach the dashboard.
  • View/ Download/ Print your Pay Stubs: Open your pay stub by navigating to “Menu” > “Myself” > “Pay “> “Current Pay Statement” from the portal dashboard. Then download or print as you need. And if you want to see your previous pay stubs go to “Pay History.” Here you will get the list of all your previous pay stubs and can open it by clicking on any date.
  • Direct Deposit Information: You can update the bank account you have given for direct deposit at the time of joining if you want or need it from the “Direct Deposit” option. For this, go to “Myself” from “Menu” and click on “Pay,” then enter “Direct Deposit.”
  • Also, your Personal information, Contact information, Job information, Company information, Tax information & documents, etc., are available in this UltiPro Payroll Portal.
  • If you cannot log in to this portal, click the “Can’t access your account” hyperlink from the login page and enter the “Work or school account” option. Enter the email address you have on file here on the portal or at TJ Maxx, input the English letters shown in the image into the input box below and follow the next instructions. And if you lost your email or username, please share it with your manager or HR team to resolve the issue.

Disclaimer: The TJ Maxx and TJ Maxx logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of The TJX Companies, Inc.

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