Tesla Pay Stubs & W2 Statements

Tesla, Inc. is a fast-growing automotive and energy storage company in the United States automotive industry. To reach the mission, it simulates the world’s alteration to renewable energy production and storage with sustainable energy. It is trying to provide the best cars to maintain safety, performance, and reliability. If you are a regular employee of Tesla, Inc. and want to know about the valuable information on your pay stubs and w2 statements, then you are visiting the right place here. It is a piece of great news for you that currently, Tesla Inc. is encouraging employees to receive the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software. You can also know about your benefits, pay history, paid time off, employment information, deductions, etc., and you can update your contact information, personal information, and timesheet in this portal.

Getting access to the UltiPro payroll portal

For old users:

If you are an old user on this portal, get access to your documents (like pay stubs and w2 statements) and information (like benefits, payroll-related information, contact, and personal information) very quickly through a sign-in process.

How to Sign in?

  1. Navigate to the sign-in page through a network-connected device like a computer or laptop using this URL: https://teslamotors.ultipro.com.
  2. You will be redirected to the Microsoft online sign-in page and provide your sign-in credentials as your organizational account’s email and password.
  3. Then click on the Sign-in button to get access to the portal.

Now, everything about this portal is in your hand.

For New or First Time Users:

  1. If you are a first-time or new user on this portal, you must visit the portal’s Sign-in page with the URL: https://teslamotors.ultipro.com.
  2. With this link, you will be redirected to the Microsoft online log-in page and have to sign in using your organizational account. Sign in, providing your email address and password for your corporate account. Contact your employer or the Human Resource Office if you do not know.
  3. Now, change your initial password. Here are available the requirements for creating the new password.
  4. You must answer 3 Password Security Questions (PSs) called challenge questions. Please, choose and answer three questions from the dropdown list.
  5. Finally, you will reach the dashboard, which is also called a Personal UltiPro screen. Here are available all your documents and information.



Disclaimer: The Tesla and the Tesla logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted work of Tesla, Inc.

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  1. I was a former employee, my accounts no longer work for ultipro or anything else Tesla. How do i get my W2 to my new address?

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