Senior Helpers Pay Stubs & W2s

Senior Helpers Pay Stubs & W2s

Senior Helpers is the premier provider of senior home care in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Senior helpers provide skilled and compassionate caregivers so that the elderly can live at home individually. Their caregivers or colleagues know how to facilitate the daily life of the elderly, whether they have a recent illness, a stroke, or Alzheimer’s and dementia. Minor household chores, such as preparing and serving food, laundry, transportation, or driving, are performed by their caregivers or associates, including services for the elderly. There are also special features of their associates or caregivers, such as.

  • Associates of Senior Helpers are licensed and insured.
  • Collaborators of Senior Helpers supervise the registered nurses.
  • No criminal background.
  • Senior Helpers’ associates serve seniors and clients in the same way they perform their parents.
  • Provides service in a timely as per customer demand.

For all these reasons, the company, founded in Baltimore in 2001, has rapidly expanded its services to the United States, Canada, and Australia. Senior helpers are also popular with old customers for their affordable prices. So if you are elderly and need your assistance, you can feel free to take senior helpers’ services. Please do not assume that I am advertising their organization. This seems to me to be accurate, so I have presented it to you through my writing. On the other hand, if you are interested in providing services to the elderly, contact your nearest senior helper’s office. Senior helpers offer their employees competitive salaries and attractive benefits.

  • Senior Helpers Employee Portal

Employees of Senior Helpers will be able to access their personal information, W-4 information, and assignments through the Employee Portal. If necessary, they can update personal information and W-4 information. You have already received the user ID and password for using the Employee Portal with instructions in this regard from your local office. The address of the Employee Portal is –

  • Pay Stubs & W2s

Infinity HR is the third company to handle senior helpers’ payroll, tax filing, and insurance responsibilities. So Senior Helpers staff can access their Pay-Stub and W-2 forms from Infinity HR’s designated self-service portal. The following is a discussion of how to access the pay stubs and w2s:

  • Initially, visit Infinity HR’s designated self-service portal. The address of Infinity HR’s designated self-service portal is
  • If you are new to this portal, you must complete the registration. To do this, click on the register link. You will need to enter some personal and confidential information such as SSN, the last part of your name, personal use email id, etc. You will also need to enter your preferred user ID and password and click the Register button. Matching the information stored on the documented information system will complete your registration process and enable you to log in.
  • Once your registration process is complete, click Pay widgets on your dashboard or click the Pay menu under Benefits. Your pay stub is under this pay menu. The last three pay stubs will be visible. Clicking on the “View Paystub” link below the action will make your desired pay stub visible.
  • To make the W-2 visible, you need to click on the “W-2” sub-menu under Texas. And for the first time, provide consent for electronic access.


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